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6 Tips To Have A Memorable Wedding Anniversary For The Memory Books

6 Tips To Have A Memorable Wedding Anniversary For The Memory Books

Doesn’t time fly when we are in love or spending time with the people we love? As the time clock runs, your wedding anniversary inches closer. Sometimes it feels like yesterday was the day when you got married, and now your anniversary is on the door! Crazy, isn’t it?

So now, as the day is coming closer, you think about making the day memorable for your partner. Don’t worry, we have your back now. Below are six tips which will help you a lot in not only making your wedding day more memorable but also are easy to do and does not cost you a lot.

1.Recreate your wedding menu

Try to recreate your wedding night menu with your spouse. Work as a team while choosing recipes, shopping for the essentials, and cooking. This will not only make you remember your wedding day, and cooking together can be fun. Get some help from The Good Food Catering Co and Soho Gourmet!

If you are celebrating a dating anniversary, try to cook what you ate on your first date.

2.Reliving your first date

The first dates are special ones. That was when you enjoyed yourself with your loved one for the first time. Thus creating the same scenario back would be a very romantic gesture. 

This can be an issue when the place or restaurant is closed, then you can go to some quiet and beautiful place, somewhere in the lap of nature and enjoy the same food which you ate on the first date. The Gloria’s or Clove Club, which one was your first?

3.Get a photoshoot!

On your wedding day, charge your camera or phone to 100%, make a list of your favourite or memorable places and have a personal photoshoot. You can visit the location where you had your first kiss or the place you proposed and have some couple shots over there. 

You can also do a photoshoot on every wedding anniversary and make a collage on your 25th or 50th one. Mowlem Studios and London Beauty Photography can help you out in designing and curating a special experience!

4.Explore, discover, and experiment!

Dining out on the wedding day is great, but it can be boring if done the same way. On every anniversary, try doing something new and romantic like going on a long drive, or booking a cheap and good weekend vacation package, or a hot air balloon ride. 

You can also make your anniversary simple by enjoying the day at home and then surprise your partner with some golden wedding anniversary gifts. 

5.Wedding Memories

This one is also a simple and easy way of enjoying a special day. All you need to do is find and play your wedding video or enjoy watching your wedding photos with your partner. This will not only make you relive your golden memories, but create some new ones while enjoying with your partner.

6.Enjoy the day 

On the wedding day, take off from work, turn off the work phone and laptops, stop checking emails, and spend quality time with your love at The Tower Bridge. Keep it simple, be with your loved one and enjoy a romantic place and try to spend a night alone, only with each other’s company. A spontaneous trip to the London Eye to spoil your partner also sounds like a steal deal, try it.


These were some creative and simple ideas for making your wedding anniversary more memorable. Try these out and let us know if your partner loved these. Also, if you have any more suggestions or any queries, feel free to comment below.

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