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Grow South Devon Volume 4 – August Edition 2019 – Titled ‘Be The Change’

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Martin Luther King Jr famously once said that, “The time is always right to do what is

As I sit and write this note to you though, I am mindful that every man and his dog seems to
be telling us as British (and global) citizens what to do right now. Whether the topic is Brexit,
the next Prime Minister, climate change or ocean plastics (to name but a few), it is
genuinely hard to get through a day at the moment without a soundbite or headline piping
up and, very kindly, telling us what to do or what to believe.

So, as we have put together this edition of Grow, themed around Environment & Ethics, we
have tried not to be prescriptive in telling you – our discerning reader – what to believe.
Instead, we have singled out some truly amazing individuals to tell you about who are
working tirelessly to make a difference, have an impact and leave a legacy through their
chosen career.

I hope that you are inspired, challenged and moved by what you read and also heartened
that there are meaningful, significant and, in some cases, industry-leading people changing
the world from right here in South Devon.

May their journeys motivate you to step up and explore your part in changing the world –
not because you are told to, but because you want to.

That is how real, sustainable change is achieved. One small step at a time.


Group Editor-in-Chief, Grow

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