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We Are In This Together.

Here at Grow we are all about looking at the positive side of life – there is enough media looking at the negative. So during this time of uncertainty and unknown all around the world, we wanted to launch a new feel-good project called Grow Voices!

We started by asking people around the world to share a 3-min selfie video diary with us each week during the COVID-19 lockdown to tell us how they are turning challenges & difficulty into positives!

Here are their stories…


What is

grow Voices?



Body Energy // Grow Voices // Dave Stickland

In this episode, Dave Stickland talks about our body energy, how macronutrients get our system going and the benefits of exercising.

Nature Living // Grow Voices // Carrie Butler

Carrie Butler is leaving the computer camera to give us a little peak at the beautiful view of Bellingham, Washington where she enjoys the nature living!

Reading Therapy // Grow Voices // Sarah Knight

When Sarah Knight is not outdoor cycling and swimming, she reads. And this week, she is giving us a book review: Man's Search For Meaning by Viktor E. Frankl.


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