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Dancing The Moonlight By Dakar Audio Club – Grow Playlist

Dancing The Moonlight By Dakar Audio Club – Grow Playlist

Ffantastic seven-piece Afrofusion outfit Dakar Audio Club have released their brilliant brand new single ‘Dancing The Moonlight’. This track is from their upcoming second album ‘B+W’, which is dropping later this Summer.

In the meantime, this track is sure to be a glorious soundtrack to the Summer for us all. Famous for their spectacular Afrofusion sound, ‘Dancing The Moonlight’ instantly transports you to Africa.

Dakar Audio Club are remarkably skilled at creating a wonderfully funky sound to their music. As a result, it encapsulates everything we adore about the Summer months. We can practically feel the sunshine beaming down on us while listening to this incredible single.

The band have an eclectic sound derived from having such credible musicians that come from all over the world; from Zimbabwe, Senegal, Seychelles, Ireland to our very own Exeter.

‘Dancing The Moonlight’, written by Nick and Fatou Hall and co-produced by Mark Tucker (Abbey Recording Company ARC).

From speaking to guitarist, writer and singer of the seven-piece, regarding where the inspiration for this specific single initially came from

“It was written to keep the dancefloors happy! We wrote it at a time when the band was constantly gigging, all over the place- we found that audiences and venues loved the soukous influenced sound the band was making, and so we needed more songs to keep them going all night! Half the verses are in Fatou’s mother tongue Bambara (from Mali) – the words mean a greeting, welcoming people. – then the rest in English is about really using music to keep sane in a crazy world.”

Dakar Audio Club Keeping Dancefloors Happy!

During these unprecedented chaotic times, it’s undoubtedly refreshing to hear such joyous music.

The guitar work on this track is exceptional, accompanied by the upbeat bassline throughout the expertly arranged instrumentation. They absolutely work in tandem with the vocals, that at times have a slight distant effect placed upon them, where the music takes over in the most impressive way possible.

Dakar Audio Club has clearly come into their own with this dose of extraordinary world music, in the most appropriate form of the word.

The power of music creates wonderful connections. With that genuinely being how I felt while listening to this particular Dakar single, a real connection to the worldly mix of musical greatness that this band create, which is surely what we all search for within our listening experience.

We await with true anticipation, the release of Dakar Audio Club’s sophomore record, ‘B+W’.


Album cover image supplied by Dakar Audio Club

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