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Grow Playlist – SVVIM Debut EP – One Shot Romance

Grow Playlist – SVVIM Debut EP – One Shot Romance

Your monthly music recommendation, brought to you in partnership with Hannah O’Brien, photographer, music journalist and founder of Exeter Uncovered Magazine.

In great Grow Playlist tradition, it’s certainly an opportunity to shine a light on the best up and coming artists based in this particularly special part of the world.

Therefore, for my very first Grow Playlist piece, it would be fantastic to feature the incredible talent that is, Svvim. An absolutely brilliant Devon-based multi-instrumentalist who now presents to us his debut EP ‘One Shot Romance’.

grow playlist lonely eddie ep artwork

Svvim speaks of love in the most beautifully artistic way and with this release, he truly takes that onto a whole other level, creating his most heartfelt work to date.

The EP begins slowly and softly, with the title track of the release and true heart-on-sleeve lyrical content, alongside lush vocals and the most delightful amount of reverb layered on top of them. It creates a real atmospheric vibe to the single.

Each track shines on its own, yet also blends to create a seamless debut and stunning piece of music.

The second song into the EP- ‘What Have You Done To Me?’, is certainly a highlight all on its own, with the catchiest of hooks, the most heartfelt tone to Svvim’s vocals, alongside his angelic backing vocals, truly melding everything together perfectly.  He stated,

It was the most difficult track to produce as I wanted it to be poppy, but not generic and the final version of that track ended up being small snippets of the demo version I made in my bedroom and building on top of that to keep the overall feel. The final version was the fourth version Jack and I had done.”

Next up, might well sound familiar for those Svvim firm fans amongst us, ‘Real Love’ was previously released as a live video recording on YouTube early in 2019; comprising of his trademark powerful distinguished tone.

It’s wholly incredible to think that the entirety of the instrumentation on this record was created by one person and the live result is something we’re extremely eager to see, especially from such a brilliant local talent.

Svvim’s main aim is to grab as much attention as he can with this release and says

“I’m glad I waited two years to get it out as I’m very happy with it.”

I’m also elated that he waited to create such a wonderful cohesive piece of art.

If you’re a musician or in a band and would like to be featured in the Grow Playlist, it would be brilliant to hear from you over at

Written by Hannah O’Brien
Album artwork by Ross Becker

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