Grapevine Connect – Food For Thought

Grapevine Connect – Food For Thought

Never let a lunch date stop you taking that all important phone call, as Grapevine Connect’s Rachel Cox explains…

Last summer, I had the pleasure of lunch at the River Exe Café.  Situated on a floating deck in the middle of the River Exe, the café is well renowned for it’s scrumptious local fayre.  As I was enjoying the food and freedom of being “away from it all”, the phone rang.  Work never really stops, especially when you run your own business.  I took the call and transferred it to another colleague who could help further.

Now, the beauty of this is that to the caller, they had no idea where I was (the seagulls kept quiet) and they had the experience they needed.  They called our main business number, their call was answered promptly and they were transferred to the right department to help with their enquiry.  It didn’t matter that I was having lunch in the middle of a river; from the caller’s perspective, it was business as usual.

The flexibility of working remotely is not only a “nice to have” but is increasingly becoming a business necessity, and communications plays a pivotal role.  Employee mobility gives you business continuity.  Why not give us a call to see how we can help you set up remote working?  We’ll answer, wherever we are.

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Grapevine Connect provides connectivity and communication solutions.  From telephone systems, WiFi and data installations, to network services and temporary internet; challenge us to get you connected…

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