Medic Malawi makes Urgent Appeal for Life Saving PPE

Medic Malawi makes Urgent Appeal for Life Saving PPE

Small Malawi Hospital & Community require urgent PPE for staff, patients and the wider community to protect from Covid-19.

Malawi is facing Covid-19 challenges like the rest of the world but with a difference, Malawi is in the top poorest countries in the Globally. 

Situated in East Africa, the nation of Malawi which is landlocked sharing a border with Mozambique, another nation amongst the poorest in the world. In Malawi a staggering 70.3% of the 18.6 million population lives on less than $1.90 a day. 

Poorer countries are typically heavily dependent on industries such as agriculture and subsistence farming, and in Malawi, farming accounts for 71.9% of total employment. With all this in mind Malawi’s life expectancy at birth is only 63.7 years compared to the UK which is 81.7 years.

As of the 18th of Jan 2021 Malawi has been placed in a national lockdown to prevent a fast growing spread of Covid-19. Therefore the need for support in tackling this virus is more critical than ever.

Medic Malawi supports a St Andrews Hospital, a small community hospital in Mtunthama, rural Malawi. There is now an urgent need to help prevent the spread of Covid-19 with essential PPE tools such as:

  • Medical Face Masks
  • Medical Gloves
  • Hand Sanitiser
  • Visors
  • Clinician Gowns 

Most of the above PPE equipment we now take for granted, but in Malawi these are life saving tools to help prevent the spread of Covid 19 within the  hospital and the wider community. 

Medic Malawi is launching this urgent appeal to raise awareness and funds to provide this much needed PPE.

See PPE fundraising page here:

If you can support Medic Malawi in providing essential PPE, click the link or share this fundraising page and together we can make an instant difference in St Andrew’s Hospital and the rural community of Mtunthama.

About Medic Malawi

Established in 2001, Medic Malawi started its work in an empty maize field in rural Malawi which has now been changed beyond recognition. St Andrews Hospital was built and has been serving the community for 20 years now.

In addition to the building of the hospital Medic Malawi has been involved with various community project such as building a children’s home, a feeding centre for the malnourished, a teaching garden, an audiology clinic and the Shrewsbury School eye clinic,  plus a primary and secondary school, with hostel accommodation for girls.

Medic Malawi’s core vision is to provide:

  1. Improved physical and mental health and wellbeing
  2. Better life chances through education
  3. Reduced poverty and increased self sufficiency

St Andrew’s hospital services a population of 150,000 people and sees 10,000 plus patients through it’s doors each year. The work Medic Malawi does helps fund essential services for this population including a maternity ward, eye clinic, pharmacy and general practitioners. 

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