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Ginger Zebra

Ginger Zebra

All Content by Zoe Buttling 

Running a shop was a childhood dream.  Wanting a price gun for my 10th birthday should have been the only clue anyone needed…and now, with Ginger Zebra it’s happening and I’m thrilled to share it with you. 

It’s been a winding road that led me here. After university, I became a teacher, and then, by accident and some good fortune I ended up touring the world with artists and bands. Somehow, as a bit of a highlight in the middle of all that, I worked on the 2012 London Olympic Closing Ceremony. Each experience has shaped me and given me memories to treasure, as well as friends for life.  

All through that time, the “Shop Bug” was there, so in 2019 I decided it was time to do something about it, and GZ was born. The driving ethos behind Ginger Zebra is to “Create kindness because life is hard enough”. Ginger Zebra is the way I share my love for things that are beautifully made, make me smile, laugh and show thoughtfulness for others. Whether it’s sending a card, a bar of chocolate or a curated gift box the options are there for you to show kindness to those you love.  

No one could have anticipated what happened to us all in 2020, but I was determined, so turned my focus to online instead. Launching Ginger Zebra has been a steep learning curve, I’m still learning every day.  

One fantastic thing I have discovered is how many people love the same things as me. It feels like we’re part of a community of people who enjoy shopping small and supporting new businesses. I’m proudly part of the eco alliance (noissue packaging) and all outer packaging is reused. I have eco-friendly branded tissue paper which I use to wrap all orders. For those who are busy, I offer git-wrapping and can also handwrite cards and post directly for hassle free gift sending. Simply add at the checkout and it’s done. 

Now we heading for Ginger Zebra’s second Christmas, on my website you’ll find a mixture of artist-original creations and other unique and lovely products. There’s something for everyone. I really do care about your gift shopping experience, so head online and have a browse around and I’ll look forward to hearing from you during this special festive season.  

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