Hypno4Swans: Get Out of Your Head – Naturally

Hypno4Swans: Get Out of Your Head – Naturally

As a fan of Steven Kotler and Jamie Wheal, I wanted to share with you some insights from their book, Stealing Fire, introduced to me by my husband Tyrone, The Unconscious Mind Coach.

When Kotler and Wheal calculated the size of what they call the “altered states economy,” they found people are spending a staggering $4 trillion annually to alter their consciousness. This might be in the form of: Drugs (licit/illicit), Media (social, IMAX, Porn), Recreation (Action sport, Gambling, EDM)

“It’s a quarter of [America’s] annual GDP,” says Wheal, “That’s a pile of money that we are spending consciously, unconsciously, destructively, productively just trying to get out of our heads.”

In Stealing Fire, altered states are broken down into three categories:

  • Mystical states: Induced by practices such as meditation.
  • Flow states: Often triggered by physical activities and movement.
  • Psychedelic states: Pharmacologically primed or induced.

In altered states, people tend to report four core experiences: feelings of selflessness, timelessness, effortlessness, and information richness (STER).

In a flow state, creativity and motivation improve by almost 400 percent and physical and mental performance skyrocket, all good reasons to practice an altered state.

As a hypnotherapist my favourite ‘mystical state’ is, of course, hypnosis. Clients report an overwhelming feeling of wellbeing for days, weeks, even longer even after just one 60 minute session.

My gift to you this month is the practice of hypnosis and self hypnosis. Once you know how to do it, you can dive in, even for just a few minutes, and it will change the course of the rest of your day, increasing focus, emotional intelligence, productivity, calm and joy.

To help you experience this and to get you started, Grow readers can listen to my self-hypnosis guide here or you can email me jess@hypno4swans.com

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Jess Egypt from Hypno4Swans.

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