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Taking part of an active challenge? Why not use it to make a difference to the life of others?

Taking part of an active challenge? Why not use it to make a difference to the life of others?

Hello Grow readers,

Today, the team at Grow Media and Grow Marketing wanted to give our voice to the ones who don’t have one and introduce you to a charity that is very close to our hearts. 

About Malawi 

Malawi is a beautiful but small country in southern Africa, surrounded by Zambia, Tanzania and Mozambique. It has the third largest lake in the whole of Africa, Lake Malawi, which covers a fifth of the country. Malawi is called ‘the warm heart of Africa’ after its friendly and gentle people. Despite its beauty, Malawi is a very poor country and its economy relies on foreign aid and agriculture, particularly tobacco. Most of the population live on less than two dollars a day.

Malawi Lake

About Medic Malawi

Their vision is to see a Malawi where everyone has the opportunity to thrive by empowering and enabling communities to create opportunities and sustainable solutions that promote the following: 

  • Better health and wellbeing 
  • Access to education 
  • Sustainable community development

Since 2001, they have partnered with community led organisations in Malawi to deliver multiple infrastructure projects, healthcare projects and life-changing community development.

Born from a passion to change lives, Medic Malawi has a strong history of impact-focused projects. Their legacy has been to support the Diocese of Lake Malawi through the work of St Andrew’s Hospital. 

This has seen an empty field transformed into a busy Hospital and provided healthcare services to thousands of people each year. 

Along with the hospital, their support for the neediest individuals has assisted many vulnerable children within the community. Medic Malawi has a burning desire to build on their achievements, expand their work and see communities flourish across Malawi.

The impact of their work has shown that the support they deliver transforms lives daily. However, the needs remain high. 

The dedicated work carried out since 2001 in a single community has brought results. This shows that in partnership with communities and strategic partners, the charity can help support meaningful and sustainable change.

Building on this success and following a period of strategic planning, Medic Malawi are excited to expand their work towards supporting more sustainable growth. This will positively impact healthcare, access to education and sustainable community development in communities right across Malawi.

Maggie and Jane

Maggie and Jane have recently been in touch with Grow Marketing to help them raise funds for Medic Malawi by cycling coast to coast across Devon. 

Jane says: “From my first visit to Malawi in 2015 the country has captivated my heart, and the needs of the people, particularly the women and girls, have inspired me to be an active fund raiser and project worker ever since.”

After Jane and Maggie contacted us, we immediately put in place a crowdfunding page which they share with their family and friends. 

It only took a few weeks to raise almost £1,400. The project has now developed into a Malawian led distribution of menstrual cups in schools and a network of sewers making kits on sewing machines which Medic Malawi have provided.


Jamie Duncan is due to race the Legend Triathlon in Cardiff on 26th June 2022, which is a great opportunity to raise funds for Medic Malawi. 

Jamie was on one of the first trips to Malawi when the charity was starting up with Plymouth College. He helped to build the Maize Mill and painted the Church. He then went back with a group from St. Andrews to help build the Maize Store and repaint the church. Medic Malawi is a charity that is very close to his heart.

Shout out to you, active people

Will you soon be taking part in an active challenge, small or big? Have you always wanted to make a difference to the lives of others? Why not take the opportunity now?

Fill in this form and we will get in touch with you. Or visit Medic Malawi’s webpage.

We will help build your crowdfunding page and all you have to do is share the link with friends so they show their support to your active challenge and also make a difference to people’s lives in Malawi.

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