A Cosy Autumn at Home

A Cosy Autumn at Home

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As the season begins to change and we start to feel a slight chill in the air, we know for sure that Autumn has arrived at last.

The colour of the leaves transitioning from bright green to that glorious mix of burnt orange and red is beautiful evidence of that. There are, of course, people who are sad to see the back of summer, but my heart is full of love for the months that arrive later in the year. 

It’s a glorious time of year. Whether you’re able to enjoy the season out and about or if you happen to be spending it at home, there is still such an awful lot to appreciate and to fully immerse yourself in. 

Featuring the wonderful Diamond in the Sky Candles 

I adore the warmth Autumn brings to each of us (despite the nip in the air).  It’s a time to start enjoying those true seasonal comforts. My thoughts immediately turn to the glorious candles that fit perfectly with this time of year, specifically the warm pumpkin spice fragrance that is synonymous with October.  It’s also important to support the fantastic small businesses that create such incredible candles! Those delightful cosy evenings at home with the scent of the season is true perfection. 

There’s a great deal to enjoy inside in Autumn, apart from our favourite fragrances.  The lighting and décor can be shifted to change the atmosphere and of course, those films that can be a real joy to watch. 

It’s time to snuggle up inside and let the greatness of this beautiful season envelop us with the warmth of those Autumn comforts. 

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