Be Visible, Be Brave!

Be Visible, Be Brave!

All content by Rosie Parsons 

I know how to photograph people well. 

It’s one of my strengths as a photographer that I really love – getting the perfect shot and making people feel comfortable in front of the camera, no matter what size or perceived imperfections they think they have. 

The majority of my clients arrive at their shoot telling me that they hate having their photo taken. But in this new COVID world, where doing business online is a prerequisite, showing up and being the face of your business is non-negotiable if you want to succeed. 

So why do people shy away from getting visible? 

Some clients have told me they fear being perceived as egotistical for having a personal branding shoot. “Who does she think she is?!” “Does she think she’s something special, booking a photographer to take photos of just her?!” are some of the imaginary conversations my clients worry other people will have about them. 

On the contrary, it’s been my experience that women who have a range of photos representing themselves as the face of their business, seem infinitely more approachable or trustworthy than those who just have a single static headshot or selfie. In addition, people often feel insecure about how they look in person or believe they aren’t photogenic.  This is why so many business owners shy away from doing more than just the obligatory quick and painfully awkward headshot at their attempt at personal branding. 

A real personal branding shoot is all about you, your unique beauty and personality. And while it may be uncomfortable, at first, to think of yourself as the centre of attention, it’s an opportunity for self-expression that most people don’t get in their day to day lives.  So, take advantage of it when given the chance! 

The benefits are clear. Having photos that represent who you are, creates one more way to connect with potential clients on a personal level. It tells them something about what kind of person (or business) they’re dealing with, without words needing to be exchanged. By showing yourself off through pictures, you can put your best foot forward and show potential clients why you are the perfect person to help come alongside them to solve their pain points. 

By not being visible, you are actually doing your clients a terrible disservice. If you don’t allow yourself to be visible and show up, they may never find you. Or worse, they might skip right past that dreary dull headshot of yours that doesn’t really represent you at all without ever knowing how awesome you are! 

Be brave. 

Put your beautiful face out there. 

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A final thought: Business owners need to step up, show their faces, and not be afraid of being seen! 

“I prefer being behind the scenes serving my clients” or “I get my clients through word of mouth anyway.” If these statements sound familiar it’s because they are often said by the same women who are actually fearful of being seen and about how phenomenally successful they could be if they stepped into being visible. 

If you’re currently getting in lots of work through word of mouth, that’s great – but imagine how much more successful you could be if you start showing up and putting yourself out there. 

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