New Beginnings: How to Rebrand in 7 Easy Steps!

New Beginnings: How to Rebrand in 7 Easy Steps!

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When was the last time you reflected on your personal brand and client journey? 

Over the summer, I’ve scaled back my client work to focus on the bones of the business. From brand colours and design to the onboarding emails that get sent out; everything has had an overhaul. I’ve read, researched and analysed everything in my business from the ground up. 

So now, I’m going to share with you what’s been done and how going through the process can also take your business to the next level. 

Step One: Clear Values  

Make a list of your values, words you want associated with your brand (happy, playful? Powerful and professional?) and the type of clients you want to work with. 

For me, I wanted colourful, playful, happy, quality, luxurious. 

Does your current brand convey those words? If not, what does it convey and what could be changed to make it more in line with your values? 

Think about the use of colour, fonts, copy, tone of voice and images to start.  

Step Two: Who is your ideal client? 

Write a list of your favourite clients; those who made working with them enjoyable, respected your time and had the resources to invest in your service. 

What are the common factors among them? 

I realised that the people I most enjoyed working with are high achieving women who are seen as experts in their field. People like CEOs, lawyers, Ted-Talkers, trainers and coaches. I now include that in my copy and in the images I share. 

Niche down to focus your business and everything you create to cater for these clients. The more you focus on your ideal clients, the more of them you will attract! 

Step Three:  Creating a design system 

Your branding needs to be cohesive. The core of your business is the message and how you communicate it, so start there by creating a colour palette or logo that reflects what you stand for. 

I would highly recommend getting a graphic designer involved at this point! 

Just like photos, a DIY approach will make you look unprofessional and cheap. Not values you want aligned with your brand! 

 Step Four: Look at your client journey 

I have just started with Dubsado, a useful client management system where I can send out questionnaires and emails all from one place. 

It’s forced me to look at my client workflows and make sure everyone follows the same path so that each client gets the correct information at the right time.  

Write down each step your client needs to take to work with you. 

Are there any gaps where you could provide additional information to help them understand what they need to do next, or to prepare them for each stage in the journey? 

Covering some FAQs in automated emails could help your clients feel looked after and give you more time back as you won’t need to spend it on admin! 

Step Five: Your current online presence 

If you Google your name or your business name, what comes up? 

Make sure everything that mentions you online aligns with the brand values that you set earlier in this process.  

Any random old posts or images that show old services or products that you don’t offer anymore should be removed. Check through old Instagram posts – do all those photos make sense for your business? 

On LinkedIn, make sure your profile is up to date and accurately describes what you do, even if you don’t log in often.  

Make sure that when a potential customer Googles you, they only find things that will make them feel good about your message and working with you.  

Step Six: Get new photos 

Make sure you have plenty of photos of yourself to share online. People buy from people and you want to give your brand personality.  

I’ve been working on this myself by trying to get photos of me on real life photoshoots and ‘a typical day in the life’ type shots, as well as colourful studio photos. This helps people connect with me more and builds on the know, like and trust factor.  

Photos of yourself get more engagement.  

Step Seven: Refresh your website with your new branding 

Now you have a gorgeous new brand, an idea of your ideal client, fabulous photos and you know the client journey, you can get a web designer to put it all together.  

Even as social media grows, websites are still tremendously important for potential clients to research more about your service and decide if they want to reach out to you.  

I will be having a promo video on my new site to help tell the story of my shoots and get across what a fun day it is!  

Congratulations! You now have a beautiful new brand totally aligned with your personality and values, and ready to attract all those fabulous dream clients! 

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