Exeter. Live Better

Exeter. Live Better


Written by Jon-Paul Hedge, Director of Communications & Marketing, Exeter City Council

Exeter is a city that is excelling. Not despite being a Devon based city – but because of it.

Time and again, I’m amazed at the brilliant things being done by people and organisations, many of which aren’t widely known. Listing them collectively makes for extraordinary reading.

Together with specialist consultants Smith & Jones, we have spoken to 100+ organisations and individuals about what they are trying to achieve, what would help, and what we might be able to achieve through the power of collaboration.

The remit I was given from Exeter City Council was to find a narrative of the city that people could identify with and find the ‘golden thread’ that is useful for promoting the city on a national and international level. Global marketing that uses the power of our amazing partners, organisations and people – rather than a global marketing budget.

I don’t mind admitting that it is a tricky thing to do. The main pitfall is willingly entering into generic branding which then doesn’t resonate with either the public or your businesses. The other one is to talk about cream teas and drive time to our beaches. Neither reflect the smart and confident Exeter we all know.

We are the brilliant alternative to so many other cities. We tend to do things differently. Not different for its own sake – different in order to make life better for everyone who lives, studies and works here.    

Over the next few months you are going to start seeing the phrase ‘Exeter Live Better’ being used by companies. It’s an aspiration rather than a claim, that tells a story about this city, who we are and where are going.

And for it to work – it truly needs to be adopted and used by the organisations here.

Our team would love to talk you through it, how we may be able to help, how to make it bespoke to fit in with your needs and how, collectively, Exeter can start to see the recognition that it deserves.

Drop me a line at jon-paul.hedge@exeter.gov.uk or visit Exeterlivebetter.com – we’d love to hear from you.

Grow Exeter are delighted to support and champion this cause. We will be working closely with the City Council to put Exeter on the regional, national and global map, at every opportunity. This is in line with our belief that Exeter is truly becoming an inspirational and aspirational place to live and work.

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