Have Your Say; Consultation For Exeter Move More Strategy Now Open

Have Your Say; Consultation For Exeter Move More Strategy Now Open

By Soy Robertson

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The draft documents for the Exeter Move More Physical Activity Strategy, provided by Exeter City Council, are now open for public consultation.

The Council’s vision for Exeter to “become the most physically active city in England” has been outlined in two documents: the Draft Move More Strategy and the Draft Built Facilities, Playing Fields, Pitches, Play Areas, Parks & Open Spaces Report.

ECC have designed two surveys in order to capture feedback on the draft proposals; one for Exeter residents and the other for local clubs, charities, community groups and organisations.

The surveys will be available online from 25th March to 3rd May and participants will need to read the draft strategy documents before sharing their views.

Exeter Move More Strategy: Key Points

The draft Move More document outlines Exeter City Council’s aim for Exeter to become the most active city in England and offers key points for why physical activity matters and how active we should be.

The draft goes on to provide statistics on how physically active people in England are compared with people in Exeter. According to the 2018 Active Lives survey, Exeter is the most active Local Authority in England with nearly 4 in 5 adults (79%) saying they undertake more than 150 minutes activity each week. The same survey also found that Exeter has the second lowest level of inactive adults.

The penultimate section of the document outlines ECC’s approach which stems from four strategic aims: improve population health and wellbeing, reduce health inequalities, promote community and resourcefulness and increase active travel. Using an evidence-based approach, including the Sport England Pilot, the Council have developed eleven principles for action including creating a physical activity habitat, making exercise fun and making exercise visible.

The final section outlines how ECC will deliver this strategy. Using data from a number of sources, ECC plans to target particular areas that form Exeter’s “deprivation crescent”. Having been selected as one of twelve Sports England pilot schemes, the Council aims to use the funding to deliver on their physical activity strategy by increasing physical activity levels in the “deprivation crescent” and encouraging active travel to work.

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Draft Built Facilities, Playing Fields, Pitches, Play Areas, Parks & Open Spaces Report

This document explains how built facilities, playing fields etc. could be developed to contribute to Exeter’s strategic vision of becoming the most active city in England.

Recommendations are outlined for Exeter’s existing built leisure facilities with developments including a new four court sports hall, a new community health and wellbeing centre and a ski training centre.

Proposed improvements are outlined for the city’s playing fields, play areas and parks and green spaces, along with the Council’s strategy for investment.

The Council will continue to lead and develop Wellbeing Exeter as the main mechanism to support communities to do more to help themselves.      

The findings of the Exeter Move More Strategy consultation will be published in July.

If you would rather contact the Council in writing regarding the Move More Strategy, address you correspondence to:

Draft Physical Activity Strategy Consultation,

Exeter City Council, Civic Centre, Paris St, Exeter EX1 1JJ

Or email your views to: active@exeter.gov.uk

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