Generation Z: Going Green with Emily Rose Fisher

Generation Z: Going Green with Emily Rose Fisher

Written By Ashley Carr 

Don’t say I don’t treat you Grow readers! This month’s column is a very special interview with local social media influencer, Emily Rose Fisher. Emily is 24, works for a local marketing agency, and is a lifestyle content creator with 6,000 followers on Instagram and 28,000 subscribers on YouTube. 

Growing up in the Devonshire countryside had a massive impact on how Emily views being green:

“I’ve been surrounded by plants, animals and beautiful nature my whole life. It’s precious to me and I cannot imagine our world without it”. 

Emily tells me that going green to her means “being more conscious about the effect she is having on the planet”. However, this doesn’t mean you have to completely change the way you live. “I try to make as many small and subtle changes without it impacting my day-to-day life too much.” 

But why should being green be important to others too? “We’re aware that our planet is facing a climate emergency, so we can’t just sit around and expect it to miraculously change. If we’re all educated enough to understand that we can’t keep taking from the planet until its resources run out, we can at least be smart enough to change a few of our daily habits”. 

So, what does Emily do to be green?

“Collectively we can consume far less meat and dairy products than we do currently. For this reason, I try to mix it up and only eat meat or fish very rarely. I also eat plant-based yoghurts and plant-based milk. In terms of lifestyle, I avoid single-use plastic and invest in reusable items where I can. I use a re-usable water bottle, reusable make-up cloths and always carry a tote bag when shopping. I’m always on the hunt for ways to reduce my impact on the Earth!” 

Emily Rose Fisher 2

Emily, like most of her generation, is concerned with the planet’s future. “The documentaries that have been made and the books that have been written about climate change, global warming and the extinction of so many species are terrifying. It’s important to expose ourselves to these shocking facts and figures, as it may be the catalyst for us to change our ways”. 

To those readers who are honest enough to admit they could be doing more for the planet, Emily says “I understand that it can be hard to change your daily routine and habits when you’re happy just the way they are. But I guarantee, there are hundreds of small changes you could make to your lifestyle without even noticing a difference. Even if everyone just made one small change, we might see such a huge difference, but until we try, we’ll never know!” 

In closing, Emily says “If you take one thing away from this article, or if there is one thing you’re willing to try… let it be an oat milk latte. You won’t regret it!”.  

You can find Emily’s awesome lifestyle content on Instagram and YouTube.

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