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Take a Moment to Reflect

Take a Moment to Reflect

Written by Therapist Barbara Appleby RMBACP 

How do you feel about 2021 coming to a close? I have mixed feelings, a lot has happened for me and my family this year, some parts good some parts not so good! 

I feel that this year has gone by quite quickly.  With the easing of lockdown and vaccinations being given and the promise of new or ‘normal’ life re-emerging, my diary seems to fill its days with the expectation of interactions. Something I had been craving for which seemed to take an eternity to happen. 

I remember my 2020 diary having so many blank spaces and events crossed out and feeling sad that all of these possibilities were unlikely to happen. But as the spring of 2021 started to appear amidst the trees and flowers, so did the expectation of social events. Spring is my favourite time of year; it is full of potential and promise. 

Autumn and Winter aren’t my favourite seasons of the year. I struggle with the change of daytime hours and the change in the weather. I was listening to a friend who was sharing why she loves Autumn. She was talking about the beauty in nature at this time of year, with the Autumn leaves changing from green to red, golden brown and yellow. I thought about the resting period between late Autumn/Winter and Spring, that change is ok and that behind-the-scenes, newness is emerging. This feels like a metaphor for the whole world coming out of a resting period and looking forward to better days ahead. 

I love Christmas and spending it with family, I think that’s what gets me through December and January (January having 100 weeks in it) but soon after is spring and I feel energised and full of hope. 

I feel in quite a reflective mood thinking about the year that has passed and all of the potential new experiences that are yet to emerge. 

Whatever your year has held for you, I wish you good health and positive experiences for 2022. 

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