DASLS Solicitor Of The Year 2019 – Imran Khodabocus

DASLS Solicitor Of The Year 2019 – Imran Khodabocus

It’s getting close to the deadline for nominations for the DASLS Legal Awards 2020. If you haven’t submitted your nominations yet, jump to it! If you are, however, exceptionally organised and have some time on your hands – or if you don’t, actually – we’d like to share the story of one of 2019’s winners.

Imran Khodabocus is Senior Associate Solicitor and Team Leader of the Children and Domestic Violence Team at the Family Law Company. Imran won Solicitor of the Year, and tells us,

“I was so proud I took my actual award to bed with me the night I won it!”

Moving swiftly on, we asked Imran a few questions about his career journey and DASLS win.

dasls solicitor of the year imran kodabocus

Tell us about your background and career so far?

At university I was a voluntary counsellor for other students – I always had an aptitude for listening and helping people to deal with their problems. When it came to choosing a branch of law, family law offered the opportunity to work closely with people in need and help them to get through difficult experiences. I qualified as a solicitor in 2008 and joined The Family Law Company in 2016. 

Since then, things have moved rather quickly! I became Team Leader after only six months and this year I was promoted to Senior Associate. I’m very positive about my career here, maybe one day I might progress to Director. 

Tell us about your firm?

I am proud to work at The Family Law Company. We have offices in Exeter, Plymouth and satellite offices in Taunton. We specialise in family law and that means both married and unmarried couples and financial issues arising out of their separation. This can include properties, but also business disputes. We help people with issues regarding children such as contact or living arrangements. We also work closely with those affected by domestic violence.

What have been your most notable successes to date?

In terms of ‘work successes’, becoming Team Leader followed by Senior Associate are things I am proud of. Not to mention winning the Solicitor of the Year Award of course! 

I have been entrusted with some complicated cases; I don’t think there is one that really sticks out in my mind because each one had its own complexities. However, it is a great feeling when you achieve an outcome for a child or a parent that you know will mean so much to them.

Why do you think DASLS awards are good for the local legal sector?

The DASLS awards are central to recognising excellence in the local legal sector. The ‘Who’s Who’ of Devon and Somerset’s legal circuit, once a year make a concerted effort to recognise and celebrate those who are nominated and win awards. I can’t really think of any other local event where fellow colleagues, judges and other legal personalities congregate to recognise other’s achievements. 

“I particularly like the fact that the awards cover so many categories including the backbone to any good law firm, the support staff.”

The awards ceremony itself is also an amazing event – Well done Grow for putting on such a good show.

How did it feel – for you and your team – to win the award?

Sheer joy. Time literally stood still. There were some great nominees in my category. I often reminisce about that night on Thursday 4 April when I won that award. My wife, children, family and other ‘work family’ (because at TLFC we spend a lot of time together) were all very proud. I would not have even been nominated if it wasn’t for the type of cases others have instructed me on or the support I have received from the directors and my team mates – so winning the award was as much for them as it was for me.

How has your DASLS success helped your firm?

With me winning the award and TFLC having so many people nominated for other awards, our profile has definitely increased. One of the best things about TFLC is the work we do with our local communities, but DASLS has enhanced this further. DASLS success also serves as a ‘marker’ to potential clients and other professionals that they are in very good, award winning hands. 

What’s the best thing about working in the legal sector? 

I enjoy the novelty of every case. Everyone’s situation is different, particularly in family cases, and I enjoy trying to come up with solutions. I enjoy the law, that means the rules and applying them to my client’s cases. I like going to court – and by this I mean the preparation, the actual advocating/negotiating in court and that sense of ‘making a real difference’ in achieving something for the person I am representing.

What one piece of advice would you give to other firms or lawyers?

Be ready to adapt. Some people need their solicitor to listen and empathise. At other times, you need the ability to be robust. 

If you could make one change to the world, what would that be?

I would try to make sure no one goes without some of the basic necessities in life – food, water and safe shelter. Everyone deserves that much.


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