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Triangle Networks And CityFibre Upgrade South West Nissan

Triangle Networks And CityFibre Upgrade South West Nissan

The Exeter brand of South West Nissan prides itself on delivering quality vehicles and the very best personalised service to its customers – a CityFibre 1Gbps full fibre connection, provided in partnership with Triangle Networks, is helping the dealership to deliver the high standards for which it is renowned.

The company previously used a relatively limited 500Mbps leased line that was not always fast enough at busy times and bandwidth had to be limited for visitors who wanted to connect to WiFi – to the point where it was impractical for business use. Which is why they looked for a faster connection to overcome these limitations and provide additional capacity for future growth.

Working with Bristol-based CityFibre partner, Triangle Networks, South West Nissan installed a CityFibre 1Gbps connection to provide the speeds and capacity needed by the business and provide customers and visitors with unlimited bandwidth while they are on site.  

Shaun Grist, Group IT Manager at Wellington Motor Group, the holding company for South West Nissan, said:

“All of our apps now are pretty much hosted or online and there are times when our workshop staff will need to upload quite a lot of data related to warranty claims – that used to take a while on the previous leased line.  When they do that at Exeter now, it’s just no issue – with a gigabit each way, they have plenty of room to manoeuvre. You just never have to worry that people are going to phone up and complain that the connection is too slow.” 

There is also plenty of bandwidth for the dealership to extend their usage, including its offer to visitors. Shaun explained:

“We are using a lot of video for marketing now and if we have two or three people using video at the same time, that can soon use up quite a bit of bandwidth. That said, we are probably only using 20 percent of the bandwidth we have available at the moment – but that is only going to increase and with the CityFibre line, we have plenty of capacity to expand. With WiFi, we used to have to limit the bandwidth we made available to customers and we still have to do that to some extent at the other sites. At Exeter that is not an issue and that in itself is a real bonus. Wehad to restrict them quite a lot before. Having that extra bandwidth really helps with every aspect of IT and connectivity.” 

When CityFibre becomes available for South West Nissan’s other locations, Shaun said he would have no hesitation in signing-up for additional connections.

“I have seen how Triangle and CityFibre work, and I know that keeping the customer happy is what they are all about. I really can’t praise them enough, they both do us proud.” | |

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