Blooming Lovely; Wildflowers Are Back In Exeter

Blooming Lovely; Wildflowers Are Back In Exeter

By Sofy Robertson

Exeter City Council has confirmed its commitment to the Wild City Project which will see wildflowers bloom across Exeter again this summer.

Working alongside Devon Wildlife Trust, the City Council has committed to keeping our roadsides and verges looking beautiful and helping to save our threatened insect population.

During March, wildflower seeds will be sown across the city and their colourful blooms can be expected to appear around July.

In previous years, the flowers have been popular amongst both residents and visitors to the city. However, these wildflowers will serve a greater purpose than purely being pleasing to the eye.

A report in the Biological Conservation Journal this week suggested insect numbers have declined and that 40% of the world’s insect species could become extinct over the next few decades. With these findings in mind, it is crucial to provide a habitat and ecosystem that will support insects, which in turn will support further species of wildlife in the food chain.

Wild City Project wildflowers Grow

Photo by Eva Waardenburg , Jenna Lee  on Unsplash

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