Climate Change; Out Of The Mouths Of Babes (And Old Men)

Climate Change; Out Of The Mouths Of Babes (And Old Men)

Well done Greta Thunberg and our very own favourite nonagenarian, Sir David Attenborough, who have achieved what successive governments and commentators have failed to since the initial concerns about climate change were first raised over 50 years ago by James Hansen, amongst others.

The strategy for the supply of affordable and reliable energy lies ultimately with government and policy makers although the deployment becomes the delivery challenge of generators and network operators. This action is rapidly moving up the policy priority list of all parties but, to date, this mechanism has failed to deliver, as has been so poignantly demonstrated in recent weeks.

Local community energy groups, renewable energy businesses and prudent investors have long been active in promoting and employing low carbon solutions, albeit without the support and investment commensurate to address the very real challenges faced by the World’s ecosystems. The expertise within these organisations make them best placed to harness and drive forward the current up swell of interest to make change and deliver commercially viable renewable energy projects.

We see battery storage as the next evolution of the solar roll out currently well underway.  Government subsidies recently came to an end yet Solar PV now achieves payback as quickly as it ever did even with the assistance of the most generous Feed-in Tariffs.  This is simply due to the falling price of solar panels and overall installation costs. We now aim to offer all businesses subsidy free 5-year paybacks on all solar PV installations.

The lexicon of energy is poised to spread beyond the offices of the sector and into general use.  Grid trading, export metering, time of use charges, Kilowatt hours and much more will be embraced by us all, very much like the seismic shifts we all regularly make keeping up with technological advancements of all types.  Interpreters are available!

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