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A Lasting Legacy

A Lasting Legacy

Written by Ed Hodges 

Twelve thousand, six hundred and twenty-nine.

That’s the average number of days any of us have left to live. Doesn’t sound like very much time, does it? In fact, you will spend 29% of that time asleep so there’s even less time to make your mark on the world. But don’t let that statistic get you down. The reality is that time isn’t money after all but it is precious and every moment really counts. Far from making our mark on the world around us, we’re all becoming increasingly aware of the impact our short lives are having on our planet. Since we can’t take it with us, maybe it’s time to give a little more thought to what we leave behind. 
I recently attended an event hosted by the Young Christian Climate Network. They’re an inspiring group of young climate advocates travelling in a relay from Land’s End to Glasgow with a message for the world’s leaders. This is ahead of the UN Climate Change Conference, COP26.  As I heard their stories and ideas, I was overwhelmed by their courage and determination to see change in their lifetimes. It didn’t feel like a future hope but a real possibility that we might see radical leadership in the area of climate change in the time we each have left.  
It’s all too easy to see climate change as a colossal problem that won’t be resolved by our actions. But perhaps there’s something we can learn from the next generation. Just as these young leaders are doing by marching through the UK, raising awareness and calling for climate justice; we each need to connect what we believe about the world with our behaviour. Decarbonising our transportation, reducing our waste and consumption can seem like intimidating ideas until we realise that it might simply mean leaving the car at home, throwing less away and only buying what we really need.  
When I think about the kind of world I want my kids to grow up in, I start to look at that world in a different way. No longer am I asking myself ‘What impact will I have?’

 Instead, I’m asking myself: ‘What legacy will I leave and how much can I leave behind for them to enjoy?’  
To find out more about the relay from Land’s End to Glasgow – 

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