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Exeter-based Photographer Raising Funds and Awareness For Victims Of Narcissistic Abuse

Exeter-based Photographer Raising Funds and Awareness For Victims Of Narcissistic Abuse

An Exeter-based photographer will take part in a charity cycle in India to raise awareness for victims of narcissistic abuse. 

Phil Pell (Phil Pell Photography) will be embarking on a charity cycle challenge in India this November. The route will cover  350 km. He is raising awareness for The Echo Society, whose mission it is to prevent narcissistic abuse, provide support to those impacted, and create awareness for support and resources.

Narcissistic abuse can be perpetrated by a parent or in adult-to-adult relationships. Victims are controlled by persistent abuse such as belittling, shaming, criticising, gaslighting (brainwashing) and intimidated through explosive rage. This causes the victim to lose their sense of self, experience PTSD symptoms and contribute to psychosomatic illnesses.

It’s believed that 15% of the population is affected by pathological narcissism. The effects for children growing up in a family environment with a narcissistic parent, or for a person enabling a narcissistic partner, causes great harm.

The Echo Society, who are based in London, are the first volunteer driven non-profit organisation of their kind in the world. They work with both female and male victims of narcissistic abuse. They offer specialised counselling services, peer support groups, and campaign to raise awareness of narcissistic abuse.

Phil is passionate about raising awareness for victims of narcissistic abuse, a cause which has personal ties to him. He said:

“As a survivor of narcissistic abuse, I am keen to spread awareness of this insidious and covert form of abuse, so that others may awaken and reach out for support. I created the Survivors of Narcissistic Abuse project to help tell the story of survivors and to break down the complexity of narcissistic abuse. SONA is run in collaboration with The Echo Society.”

If you know of someone who may be affected by narcissistic abuse or if you would like to find out more about the charity itself, visit their website.

There is also a photography project called Survivors of Narcissistic Abuse which documents the experiences from survivors.

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