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Get Set Grow – Lekker Bru

Get Set Grow – Lekker Bru

Name of Business:  LEKKER BRU

Founder:              DAMO CROSS

Date Established:    JUNE 2019

Lekker Bru is all about South African street food and ‘kiff’ (South African slang for ‘cool’) chats around the braai (BBQ). We’re flying the flag for Boerewors – a really beefy and tasty sausage served as a boerie roll…a bit like a hotdog but WAY better! 

 We asked Damo to give us a little background on the business:

Whilst on a work trip to Cape Town, earlier this year, I stumbled across a guy one evening cooking ‘Boerie rolls’ on the side of the road. The smell was brilliant and it got me thinking. So after being made redundant from my London job I thought, RIGHT, let’s fly the flag here in the UK for the humble Boerie roll. I grew up in Cape Town and after a lifetime of braais I reckon I’ve earned the title ‘Chief Braai Master’ (A revered title, in South Africa, which is famous for its braai culture). 

sausages grill street food

Talk us through the day to day running of the business and how things are going so far:

Lekker Bru is on tour in the South West at different street food markets and festivals. I have a gazebo set up allowing me to connect ‘on the street’ with my customers. There’s a good buzz building around Lekker Bru and most people are keen to try something new.

And finally, what are your plans for the future:

Our mission is simple: Have fun, do good and make a living.

We are currently looking for a South African charity to give a proportion of our profits to (our ‘do good’ bit) – watch this space.

We are keen on growing our business organically and seeing where it takes us.

To get regular updates of where Damo has set up the Lekker Bru stall, follow him on Social Media – Facebook: Lekker Bru, Instagram: @lekkerbrufood, or pop onto the website:

You can also email Damo at

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