When writing this letter each month, I often try to avoid talking about bandwagon topics
and buzz-words. This will unapologetically be one of the rare exceptions. So let’s name the
elephant in the room. COVID-bloody-19.

As I sit and write this, I don’t know what tomorrow will hold (both personally and
professionally). It seems that every new day brings with it a fresh set of circumstances and a
new mental battleground upon which we must fight – to protect the joy and light within our
souls from the tide of fear and panic which has risen above our heads in recent weeks.
I’ve decided, however, that one thing which this outbreak can’t steal from me is who I am
and how I respond to challenges like the ones we currently face.

Don’t get me wrong, I am far from a saint, but I will not metaphorically hold my middle
finger up to the world around me in my words and actions. I will choose to keep looking
outward towards those around me and I will do everything within my power to look after
myself so that I can then, in turn, look after others. That is my choice.

As we put together this edition, themed around the theme of Food and Drink, it sometimes felt like
a strange choice and we questioned several times whether we should quickly pick a new
one. Some of our content may even feel a bit removed from the circumstances which we all
find ourselves in by the time you read this.

Do you know what though, it is what it is. We’ve done the best that we could within the
constraints of the developing crisis and have produced what we hope will be an
environment which you find positive and restful – a calm away from the storm around us.

For now, let’s gather those who we are allowed to around our tables, make the nicest food
that we can afford to and enjoy it heartily, whilst looking into the eyes of those around us
and living life for the beautiful, crazy, confusing thing that it is.

We really hope you enjoy the read and hope that you stay well – in every way possible.

Until next month,

Joff Alexander-Frye
Editor-in-Chief & MD of Publishing, Grow

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