FDB OptimiseRx Healthcare Tech Hits a Million Milestone

FDB OptimiseRx Healthcare Tech Hits a Million Milestone

In Exeter Business Park, you’ll find Hearst Health International; a healthcare technology company, who develop medical software solutions, used both in the UK and internationally. As the ITS team prepares for further expansion we met with some of the software team and asked them to tell us about one of their; FDB OptimiseRx, which is acknowledged as the most advanced patient-specific prescribing decision support solution used in primary care settings in the UK today.

What is FDB OptimiseRx?

OptimiseRx is a prescribing support tool that combines complex clinical algorithms with real- data to generate evidence-based best practice and safety guidance, supporting patient-specific clinical decision making at the point of care.

Innovative and intelligent, OptimiseRx presents clinicians with real-time responses in high pressure clinical environments via a SaaS. Despite being a , in October we were proud to hit a milestone – processing over a million transactions a day at peak. Thus, enabling the NHS to deliver safer and more cost-effective prescriptions.

So, are you a healthcare company or technology company?

Both! The OptimiseRx team is comprised of Informaticians, , Researchers, Technical and Product specialists. It’s this rich collaboration and close working of subject matter experts that enables us to innovate and bring to market ground breaking clinical decision support software. With over 30 years’ experience we are well established in our sector as a medical software provider.  Our solutions are in the midst of a healthcare technology revolution right now, where technology is being rapidly utilised to help health care professionals and systems become more efficient.

How has your technology stack supported this rapid success?

It was clear from the outset that this solution demanded an agile approach to software development. A small scrum team was formed with a dedicated product owner. A backlog of user stories was created and prioritised for a minimal viable, that was based on a combination of market research, and an early adopter program. The team worked in short 2 week sprints, committing to deliver potentially shippable software at the end of each Sprint. Techniques such as test and behaviour d development were adopted to define requirements without the need for cumbersome documentation. With ttools facilitating a swift feedback loop for the developers.

As OptimiseRx has become a mission critical prescribing tool for over half the Primary Care Prescribers in the UK, resilience and monitoring real time performance are paramount. Cloud based SaaS architecture enables us to closely monitor availability and performance of the solution and scale on-demand.

What’s next for your contribution to the healthcare technology revolution?

We are currently developing a new online medicines optimisation solution for GP practices and Pharmacists that we think has the potential to dramatically reduce medicines spend and proactively identify opportunities for patients to benefit from improved treatment pathways.

To facilitate this new solution, we’re currently looking to expand our ITS team of developers and testers who can help design and build this next generation of clinical decision support software. In terms of job satisfaction, we think being part of a team that will enable the delivery of a ground-breaking medication analytics platform into the hands of clinicians and support the transformation of healthcare delivery is pretty rewarding!

So, you’re looking to grow, what do you think makes you stand out as a tech employer in Exeter? What are you looking for in people’s tech skillset and outlook?

Technology is at the heart of our solutions.  We work hard to maintain our skills and interest by putting aside dedicated, regular training time to cover everything from basics in any number of stack options, best practices, design patterns, methodologies, languages and frameworks to leading-edge technologies, languages, architectures and vision that might form part of our business moving forward.  We use this continual understanding of what up-to-date technology looks and feels like to inform our design decisions and keep our production stack modern, performant and efficient.  Above all we believe interesting work leads to a happy and motivated team that is enthused and excited to get out of bed every morning and make a real difference in the healthcare world.

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