Making Sure the People You Need Are the People You Have

Making Sure the People You Need Are the People You Have

Education and Training Skills (ETS) is a local Charity that has successfully delivered funded Apprenticeships and training development courses for 65 years to over 26,000 people across the South West. 

The CEO, Richard Jenkins and the team at ETS are very excited and pleased to see local businesses opening their doors and once again offering their outstanding products and services to the wider community. 

Richard said:

“We have been working with local employers throughout lockdown with their Apprenticeship and professional development training needs, although for obvious reasons, some employers and their staff have been cautious when it comes to deciding on what their training and development needs should be.” 

With the easing of lockdown and employers having a better understanding as to how their businesses will need to operate in the future, they are understandably keen to get their staff recruitment, training and development right. 

ETS Education Training Skills

Simon Mills, ETS’ General Manager commented:

“The business development team at ETS is being contacted by more employers than ever looking at taking the opportunity to utilise our free and co-funded services when it comes to providing Apprenticeship, professional development and mental health and wellbeing training.” 

The team at ETS pride themselves on being part of this Charity that has been providing education and training to businesses and people across the South West for 65 years.  

Laura Osborn, ETS’ Quality Manager and Vilija Kumpele ETS’ Business Development Manager both iterated that:

“ETS will always exercise as much flexibility as possible to meet the needs of all its valued customers and wherever possible will offer free training to those who are eligible.” 

“I can safely say ETS is wholly committed in investing as much as it can into supporting businesses and communities across the South West in order to see them grow and flourish through education and training opportunities. “

Richard concluded:

“The mission of ETS is simply to deliver outstanding training. If we do this either online or face to face and have a positive impact on all concerned then we can go home happily knowing that we have done our job.”    

Finally …… If you are interested in finding out how Education and Training Skills can help you grow your business or yourself, why not e-mail call 01392445444 or check out their website 

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