Grow Marketing: Our Story

Grow Marketing: Our Story

Who is Grow

Grow Marketing was originally started by two friends, Dan Frye and Llew Nicholls, who both left their ‘day jobs’ to launch their own business. Since its inception, they have progressively tried to nurture a community of positivity and creativity. As a marketing agency, one of the first objectives was to launch a magazine that focused on local businesses and highlighted their positive news. The Grow Magazine was soon being distributed across the Greater Exeter area and quickly became a much-loved publication in Exeter.

The Editor of Grow Magazine said, “We’re always on the lookout for those inspirational stories that highlight the good in our community, whether that’s from businesses or people who are trying to make a difference. I’d love to hear from anyone who has a positive story to share’.  

The Grow Marketing team continues to explore ways of promoting their customers in many creative ways. 

Dan, CEO said, “We want to deliver measurable marketing success. Our vision is to see the UK’s business community (and the UK as a whole) flourish. We want to champion and celebrate everything that Exeter’s economy has to offer – from the vibrant independent business scene to the large multi-national companies.” 

Coffee House  

Grow’s office space at South Street was so large that Dan, Llew and Joff, (Grow’s third director) had to think of a better use of the space. Being coffee lovers, they naturally thought of a coffee house. And that’s how Grow Coffee House was born. Since then, the marketing and coffee house team have worked in perfect harmony.

Jen, Head of Grow’s inhouse marketing brand said, “We are all a big family. And it’s not too bad having professional baristas making coffee for you whenever you want during your working day.”  



Jen said: “When I joined Grow, I really enjoyed the relaxed environment. Everybody is so friendly and we all enjoy doing activities outside working hours. But at the same time, we are all professionals and we take our jobs seriously. Running a magazine and multiple marketing clients, we have deadlines to respect. We’re all working as a team with a high level of trust which I believe makes the difference in the quality of our work.”  

What we do 

As a strategic marketing partner, we help to formulate a detailed plan and then deliver meticulously on it. Our team, work on creating engaging content from graphic design, videography and photography to copywriting, social media campaigns and everything in between.  We work hard to deliver exceptional work to fit with our client’s needs. Each month, we provide a detailed report which highlights the campaign and the response received.

Dan said, “This gives our clients the peace of mind that we are helping to drive them forwards and achieve a true return on their investment in marketing.” 

Success over the years  

The authenticity and hard work, over the past four years, has started to pay off and the Grow team have gained some key marketing clients such as Stagecoach South West, Exeter City Living, Libraries Unlimited and Exeter College.

Kathleen Hopkins, Head of Marketing at Exeter College said, “Grow Marketing has been great to work with – we always find them helpful and efficient. Our latest campaigns have seen an impressive return on investment and helped us to target potential learners looking to hone their digital skills. We look forward to working with them again in the future.” 

A Grow Marketing monthly package will include: 

  • Google Display Campaign 
  • Guaranteed 750,000 impressions or 750 website visits 
  • Graphic Design – 12hrs per month 
  • 4 x Videos per year 
  • 4 x Blog written per month 
  • 2 x social posts per week 
  • Email Marketing Management 
  • Web Management 
  • Annual Strategy Review 
  • Monthly Report 
  • Quarterly face to face 

If you want to get in touch, please contact us at +44(0)1392793056  or email 

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