Get Set, Grow! Rose & Reign

Get Set, Grow! Rose & Reign

Name : Rose & Reign

Established: 8th December 2018

Founder: Sarah Parks

This month, we feature Rose and Reign, a retail shop in Exmouth designed for children while focusing on sustainable and ethical products.  The aim is to devote the shop to be a playful and adventurous retail experience while remaining mindful of the environment and the children’s safety.   The shop also has an online store which offers delivery or click and collect.

Rose & Reign Grow Exeter

We asked Sarah to give us a little background on the business:   

I started toying with the concept when I had my first child, Delilah, in 2015 but the security of a full-time position kept me from going ahead.  I yearned to spend more time with my children and escape the corporate lifestyle. I also longed to find something that I was really passionate about and that my kids could enjoy too.

Towards the end of this year, my circumstances changed and I thought, It’s now or never!   In November this year I started looking for partners who offer non-toxic, organic, ethical and sustainable pieces and within a month we opened our doors!

I’ve always had a love for design and retail but I’ve struggled to find beautiful pieces that offer stylishness, are sustainable, functional and ethical as well as non-toxic – all in one product. I am a nature lover, I live by the sea and I’m keen on turning the tide on plastic.  I’m using the shop as a platform to help families reduce plastic usage by showcasing products that are plastic free.

The name ‘Rose & Reign’ was inspired by my children’s middle names.

Rose & Reign Grow Exeter

Talk us through the day to day running of the business, and how things are going so far:

My day starts with me rushing my kids to pre-school and nursery and then going on to open the shop for 10 am. While I’m there I promote the business online, look for potential new products and partners, and ways to promote our existing pieces locally.

I’ve had a few challenges – working late at night, means having to juggle the children, home and shop, as well as the financial struggles that come with this. There have been a few tears behind closed doors and in the shower, but my late father used to say, ‘Nothing good comes easy’.   

Our customers really love the shop’s concept and the products. They are excited about having something like this locally and I’ve even had people congratulate me on how nice the shop looks, which is really supportive.

Rose & Reign Grow Exeter

And finally, what are your plans for the future:

We live in such a beautiful part of the country and I would like to see families enjoying our collections of beautifully crafted, sustainable pieces and help to drive the ‘turn the tide on plastic’ campaign. One of my aspirations is to partner with other businesses that are passionate about the community and sustainability.

I am in the process of growing our product lines to include even more gorgeous ranges. I’m also trying to drive our online presence both organically and through paid promotions to get our concept known. Our online store is available to the whole of the UK and I’m looking at other areas to promote the store.

As an offshoot of the retail shop, I am toying with setting up a teepee party hire concept for kids so watch this space!

To get in touch with Sarah, pop onto her website, follow her on social media – or pop into her shop – Rose & Reign 4 Magnolia House, Exmouth EX8 1PE

Rose & Reign Grow Exeter

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