Imployable Supports People With Free Courses During Pandemic

Imployable Supports People With Free Courses During Pandemic

UK Startup, Imployable has given potentially millions of pounds worth of free courses away to people stuck at home during the Coronavirus lockdown.

Imployable have teamed up with the Study Academy to ensure that users of their app can continue to work on their skills. With millions of people currently out of work; some of those permanently, the Plymouth based startup is kicking off a campaign to urge people to use this time to improve their personal skills and, in turn, their employability. Imployable Chief Exec Peter Kelly explains:

“Coronavirus has significantly hit the economy and individuals very hard, many of the population have never experienced this level of restrictions and social isolation. During my time in the Royal Marines we would spend lots of time away and in some form of isolation, it helped us to set goals and work towards something, whether that be learning a new language, getting fitter or learning new skills. Although COVID-19 is generally negative and the loss of life is extremely saddening, there can be positives to take from this. Now is a good time to start working on ourselves, we want in some small way to help people think about improving their skills and looking forward to their future when the pandemic eventually subsides”.

Imployable is an EdTech startup that launched last year, their app is completely free for users and helps them to identify, map and track their way into and through their careers. The app allows a person to build a digital CV and see how their current skills and qualifications match compared to potential jobs and live job opportunities whilst giving access to training, qualifications and volunteer opportunities to gain and enhance their skills.

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Imployable & Study Academy Supporting Personal Development

On partnering with Imployable, Jack Purkiss – Co founder and Operations Director of Study Academy said:

“It is important at this time for people to have a goal and focus on positives, Study Academy are excited for the opportunity to support the UK population with free online personal development courses and are happy that we can do our bit to assist in keeping people mentally active whilst developing themselves to be prosperous after this pandemic, We are delighted to have partnered with Imployable to give access to courses for their users. The partnership with Imployable brings training and career powerhouses together to support everyone at this difficult time”.

Study Academy delivers leading online and practical training courses to some of the UK and world’s largest organisations.

Study Academy has over 5000 online courses and 250 practical courses available, all of which are accredited by internationally recognised awarding organisations and Universities. Study Academy delivers proven know-how in the production and distribution of online learning materials.

Last year, Peter Kelly, CEO of Imployable gave 1% of the company away to an unemployed single mother in a Plymouth JobCentre, the vision of the company is to ensure everyone, no matter their age, background, ability or disability has equal access to fulfilling careers.

One free course will be accessible by all current and future registered Imployable users during the period of the Coronavirus lockdown. Currently there are 29 courses available ranging from health and safety and customer services to cyber security and project management.

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