How climate change is affecting farm insurance

How climate change is affecting farm insurance

The last 6 months have been unprecedented with many weather records broken – never has the UK climate been quite so extreme. From the wet weather last year, then floods and the wettest February on record, we have now found ourselves in drought conditions pre-summer. It has even been the sunniest May on record to boot!1

The impact upon farming and the wider businesses that they supply has been vast. Whether climate change or a matter of other influencers on our weather systems are the cause, British Agriculture is experiencing some of the most challenging conditions in living memory.  

Extreme weather is becoming all at once more common and less predictable meaning farmers are: 

  • having to learn how to best plan
  • manage contingency 
  • cope with significant changes in ways that haven’t been seen before 
  • adapt to unprecedented speed of changing conditions. 

At Marsh Commercial, we know how devastating the impacts are for farmers. We can help advise and support farming businesses as they consider their insurance portfolios, including:

  • Hail cover
  • Storm cover
  • Flood cover
  • Business interruption cover

It is important to us that your insurances are arranged correctly, tailored around your own needs and in doing so give you peace of mind.

To find out more on how we can be of assistance, please contact our Exeter office on 01392 501050 or get in touch online.

1 Met Office 

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