Exeter Chamber knows a thing or two about networking events and making super connections with businesses across the city. From new working partnerships, sponsorships and speaker opportunities through to transporting unusual and urgent items to specific locations. If this has you intrigued (as it did us), read on to find out just how this Exeter Chamber connection ensured the ‘show went on.’    

One Voice Media, event organisers of the South West Innovation Expo (SWIE) at Sandy Park found themselves with a conundrum of how to transport a larger than average section of their exhibition stand from their city centre office to the conference and event centre on the edge of the city.  

Thanks to a recent meeting at The Future of Aviation event at the Future Skills Centre, One Voice Media knew exactly who to call – Jay Milling at Speedy Freight of course. Jay owns the franchise for Devon and Cornwall – the national courier and freight business specialises in urgent and unusual movements throughout the UK and Europe.  

Jay has been a member of Exeter Chamber for over five years and regularly attends the networking events offered by the city’s business membership organisation.  

Jay said: “I was with Lisa from One Voice and Nick Baxter-Sibley of Signs Express at an event back in October, here we were doing our usual networking thing and chatting all things business when Lisa mentioned they needed help in transporting a scaffold size pole to the SWIE event. It’s not often you get to discuss how to transport weird and unique items, but here we were. Speedy Freight was not only the perfect fit (excuse the pun), but we were available to help immediately.  

“I find Exeter Chamber networking events the ideal opportunity to stay connected with other local businesses and meet new people. I like the fact that the businesses who attend are realistic about what they expect to get out of it and are happy to share contacts and look for ways to do business together.”   

Thanks to this networking connection, the pole was delivered to the One Voice team at SWIE, and the event was a huge success. 

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