Ashley Carr – Is Your Social Media Strategy 2020 Ready?

Ashley Carr – Is Your Social Media Strategy 2020 Ready?

Fancy yourself trained with TikTok, fantastic with Facebook and far from an Instagram imitator? In this article, I’m going to tell you how to start the new decade with a blueprint for social media success!

Ah, Facebook or old reliable as we Z’ers like to call it. We’ve seen you grow from a jumped-up instant messaging platform to the behemoth that has taken over every aspect of our lives (thanks Mr Zuckerberg!). However, my generation has already begun to ditch Facebook for the newer social media platforms that I have listed below, and over-55’s are now the largest growing user demographic on the site. I’m sure you’re aware of Facebook. Its useful business applications include advertising, reviews, location “tagability” and allowing users to invite their friends to like your page and engage with you. Facebook is still an essential resource for your business, but its significance may be diminishing amongst Generation Z.  Evolution equals survival.

Public Service Announcement: If you are trying to obtain clients from Generation Z or our older and more bespectacled brothers and sisters – Millennials, then you need an Instagram page. If Instagram sounds like a speedy drug delivery service to you then let me give you the low down. Instagram is kind of like Facebook’s younger brother on a gap year, trying to make sense of the world before it eventually takes it over. You need to know about it because it is very popular to under 30s, and has far better statistics in terms of engagement and content sharing than its older brother. It is essentially a photo and video sharing platform, and the number one reason why you’ll see young people all over the world taking photos of ratatouille. If your business is raising money for charity, awarding someone Employee of the Month or celebrating an expansion – take a photo and put it on Instagram! Don’t share everything however; potential clients don’t want to know how well you can move to Dancing Queen at the Christmas party!

There is a new-kid-on-the-block in the social media stratosphere. TikTok, like Jack-Jack from The Incredibles, is shapeshifting into the essential social media platform you will need to attract younger clients. A massive 40% of its over 500 million monthly users are between 10 and 19. What’s more, you can expand your business internationally due to its presence in over 150 countries. Tik Tok is not for the faint-hearted though; it takes time and effort to gather a presence on the app. Also, if you try to be too corporate in your advertising, you will be cast aside as boring and old-fashioned. If targeting a younger audience suits your business I would highly recommend using this app.

If all this sounds great but you don’t have the time, think about hiring a professional social media manager. Let them figure out how to be down with the kids so you don’t have to!

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