30 days to Wellbeing: Addressing Mental Health

30 days to Wellbeing: Addressing Mental Health

Stephanie Chivers and Carola Becker have teamed up to deliver a holistic online coaching programme which will help people achieve better mental and physical health.

Stephanie Chivers, Coach and NLP Master Practitioner and Carola Becker, Nutritionist and Fitness Instructor developed a programme which will take all aspects of mental health into account: nutrition, exercise, coaching, accountability, habit forming. And because mental health and physical health go hand in hand, the programme will have a positive impact on both!

Carola is a corporate speaker, helps teams and individuals to live and eat well, achieve more and feel amazing. She runs regular Wellbeing Retreats in amazing locations and offers a wide range of online courses. She is founder of Life is Good.

During lockdown, she conducted a worldwide study on how nutrition and lifestyle impact mental health and overall wellbeing. During the study she focused on certain vitamins and minerals, lifestyle recommendations, as well as exercise and daily mental tasks. The combination of all aspects lead to ground breaking results. 

The findings of this study will form an important part of the programme, which will take place from 28 September to 24 October 2020 for a discounted fee.

What’s different about it:

  • You get access to Stephanie and Carola for 30 days
  • Small daily tasks that anyone can do, it’s those small changes that add up
  • Focus, Motivation and Positive Accountability.
  • It’s holistic, we are covering the important bases.
  • Evidence based, tried and tested!

There are so many benefits to eating foods that nourish you, drinking water, sleeping well,  implementing some really simple things into your week, that will help you feel more fulfilled.

You will be invited to a private Facebook Group, where Carola and Stephanie will be available for questions, daily posts, videos, group sessions via zoom, motivation as well as tips and recommendations you can implement immediately to make you feel better for good!

Please join Carola & Stephanie here: https://www.ichange21.com/store/LhmMeg9R

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