Brexit Ready Exeter – Does Your Business Employ EU Citizens?

Brexit Ready Exeter – Does Your Business Employ EU Citizens?

If you employ nationals of other EU countries or intend to soon then essential expert legal advice from Jon Dunkley from Wollens is on hand at Brexit Ready Exeter on 29th October. 

Brexit Ready Exeter – 29th October 2019

Brexit is quickly approaching, bringing change for businesses of all sizes and in every sector. Being prepared is essential. Brexit Ready Exeter, a collaboration between Exeter Chamber of Commerce and InExeter with funding from the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, has brought together expert advisors delivering practical advice and non-political guidance in a series of easily accessible, free events to ensure that Exeter businesses are not facing these changes alone and unsupported. 

The free Brexit Readiness Training on Tuesday 29th October includes all aspects of Brexit with a focus on a no deal scenario. The training covers the central topics of Employment, Data, Funding, Selling to the Public Sector, Intellectual Property and Import and Export.

Practical Preparation without Politics

Leading the workshop on the complexities of employment following Brexit is Jon Dunkley, partner and employment law expert at Wollens.

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Jon heads the firm’s specialist Employment Department providing advice to employers on how to avoid issues in the workplace or solving them at an early stage, minimising the risks of expensive claims and workplace disputes. We met with him to find out more about his Brexit Ready Exeter workshop.

Jon says,

“The session will explore the employment law implications for businesses in Devon following the three scenarios of the UK leaving the EU with a deal, leaving the EU without a deal or the UK remaining within the EU for the foreseeable future. Whilst the actual subject matter will depend upon the progress of the current negotiations between the UK Government and the EU, there is still much to explore and prepare for.”

He continues,

“We will consider whether nationals of other EU Member States have to leave the UK in the event of a no deal Brexit and the impact on UK nationals permanently working or temporarily posted to another EU Member State in the event of no deal. We will also look at whether there will be legal and administrative barriers to employing EU nationals in the event of no deal or a deal, the extent to which UK employers will be bound by EU law in the event of no deal and how UK law might change.”

Join us for free Brexit Readiness Training in Exeter on Tuesday 29th October

To make the training easily accessible for every type of business the talks and workshops will be repeated at two locations and times on Tuesday 29th October.

Choose from either:

· Brexit Ready Exeter Training – 8am-11am Breakfast talk, workshops and discussions – Sandy Park, Exeter.
Book your place at the breakfast session here:

· Brexit Ready Exeter Training – 5.30 – 8pm – Evening talk, workshops and discussions – Exeter College
Book your place at the evening session here:

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