Light and Shadows

Light and Shadows

Written by Hannah Gimblett 

Creativity comes in many different forms. My true passion, has always been photography although, at times, it can be difficult to ignite that creative spark while being chronically ill.  My passion to create is significantly impacted, especially at times of heightened pain, but it’s something that I hold onto with all my strength. 

To exercise that creative muscle as often as possible is extremely vital to the strength of a person’s work, in whichever creative practice is favoured. To do so, I adore working on all manner of photography projects. Whether for an exhibition or a magazine, photography is close to my heart so it’s incredibly important to expand my knowledge. 

Being completely bed-bound means that it’s a challenging feat at times, however, creativity is a thing so brilliant, that in any circumstance, there’s the opportunity to stay creative. Despite not being physically able to immerse myself in the changing of the seasons outside, I attempt to capture what I can from my bed. The light and shadows that play across the room differ from season to season and are extraordinary. 

This creative art form brings me such an enormous amount of joy and is truly intrinsic to my quality of life and does wonders for my mental health. 

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