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Grow Exeter Volume 16 – January Edition 2019 – Titled ‘Roll With The Punches’

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January Editor’s Letter: Roll With The Punches

January. The month of boundless positivity, new beginnings and seemingly unlimited possibilities.

Perhaps you have your eyes on a new job role, making a landmark purchase of some kind, a new relationship is on the horizon or fresh health and fitness goals are your sole focus. I for one have several changes I intend to make as the clock ticks around to 00:01 on January 1st 2019.

For starters, I won’t be drinking a drop of alcohol in 2019. For the last nine years I have alternated between one year ‘on’ and then one year ‘off’ with drinking alcohol. As someone who has an addictive personality, I have found the years ‘off’ to be an incredibly helpful ‘reset button’ to make sure that I don’t become too dependent on having a tipple and I’ve also found it to be healthy for my waistline and wallet (although the years ‘on’ afterwards usually has the adverse effect!).

Secondly, I intend to make moves towards a vegan diet in 2019. I don’t want to be too ambitious in this regard as I have been a meat-eater all of my life and I’d prefer to make small changes that take root, rather than going all guns blazing into something which isn’t sustainable. Either way, I want to reduce the amount of meat I eat, explore healthier alternatives and also consider the ethics of my meat buying much more closely.

Finally, I intend to spend at least 30% less time on social media. It is impossible in my job to not have one eye on social. It is a key part of the way that we engage with our audience, so it would harm my professional performance to aim for digital abstinence. However, I know that I spend too much time looking at a small screen and want, instead, to give some of that precious eye-contact to my wife, children, friends, family and colleagues.

For the record, I don’t class any of these as New Year’s Resolutions. I’m aiming for a New Year’s Revolution, battling with passion against the things that damage my mind, body and soul.

Whatever 2018 has held for you, I hope that 2019 is a year of progress, contentedness and becoming a better version of yourself.

Happy New Year!


Group Editor-in-Chief

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