Slow Down for Success in 2019

Slow Down for Success in 2019

I wonder, are we so focused on doing more and having more that we forget to BE more?

The New Year, New You rhetoric implies that to become better you have to BE more, DO more so you can HAVE more. Wouldn’t it be great if in 2019 BEING you is about doing less?

I’m not saying stop getting up and going to work, or to the gym, or taking your partner out on date nights – what I am saying is whatever you do BE there fully in order to be in the zone and at your best.

It’s like this…

Back in November, I attended a fascinating lecture by Brazilian Orthopaedic Surgeon Dr Flavio Gzybowski, long story. Flavio also uses hypnosis as a tool to help patients increase recovery time from surgery.

How can a hypnotist increase the healing time of bones you might ask?

It’s simple – by encouraging patients to let go of anxiety associated with surgery such as financial implications, time of work, family commitments which puts pressure on their immune system, that in turn creates a barrier to the healing process. This example is true in life generally perhaps.

By allowing ourselves to let go of anxiety and stress, an experience we often generate from thoughts about expectations or perceived pressures from others, we can think more clearly, sleep more easily and perform at our best more of the time.

Therefore, all those hours ruminating, stressing, worrying (which doesn’t change anything) can be traded in for being more focused and more present in both our personal and professional lives, increasing our effectiveness and freeing ourselves to be at our best more of the time. Who knows, perhaps that 10 hour day could become a 6 hour day in 2019…when you slow down for success.

People and employers interested in increasing productivity, reducing absenteeism, mental and emotional wellbeing please call me for a conversation about Transformation courses and Success Workshops in 2019.

Jessica Crowley BA HonsMaster NLP Coach and Hypnotherapist

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