U7 Gym Launch Reformation Programme

U7 Gym Launch Reformation Programme

By U7 Gym

In February 2019 we are launching the Reformation at U7 Gym; a 12-week programme designed to improve your overall body composition by reducing body fat and improving your cardiovascular health, strength and fitness. You will gain the knowledge, experience and confidence to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle far beyond the 12 weeks.

The Reformation will make you move your body more and improve your eating habits – great! You will gain access to our online community where you will hopefully have a sense of belonging and as much support as you’ll need from coaches and other Reformation clients. However, once the 12 weeks are over, the ideal outcome is for clients to continue on the path to better health and wellness.

To reiterate, there’s no point in eating healthily and increasing your activity levels for 12 weeks if you don’t stick to it afterwards (unless you’re a physique competitor… but that’s for another blog). Losing weight quickly is obviously tempting, and yes in some cases it has its health benefits, but if you fall back into old habits after dieting for a period of time, the hormone centre in the brain actually changes and can pre-dispose you to overeating by ramping up your appetite. This leads to you putting all that weight back on and then some.

In my opinion, subscribing to a certain diet, whether it be Vegan, Keto, Paleo or even a staggered calorie restrictive diet, as in the Reformation programme, and adopting an all or nothing approach is limiting to most individuals. It’s ok to try different diets as long as you’re walking away having reflected on the benefits you’ve experienced. As part of the Reformation, you can access our group Facebook page and your own assigned coach who will encourage you to keep a journal of your eating and training experiences; these support networks can be accessed way beyond the 12 weeks and will help you gain some knowledge that can improve your regular day-to-day way of eating, long term.  

As well as gaining support from others, it is vital to take some personal responsibility. Ask yourself – “What happens beyond the 12 weeks?” People tend to start strong with good intentions, finishing is the problem. Ideally, we don’t want you to finish. I’d encourage you to use the Reformation as a springboard to something that will drastically improve your health and vitality. People seeking instant results are, more often than not, disheartened if things don’t happen instantly or get bored with a rigorous routine.

Have a plan and use the 12 weeks to extract as much information from our experienced U7 coaches as possible. We are here to help you with that plan. Enjoy the process and give it your all.

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