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It took me 40 years to discover we’re not anxious, stressed or overeaters, these are things that we are doing. The good news here is that when it’s something you are doing, you can change your experience of life by doing something else instead. It’s that simple.

“I’ve been telling everyone that I’ve had an operating system upgrade. Everyone needs a rewire every now and again.”

-Hannah Ackford


Few people realise that it’s the way we think that creates our experience. What’s happening out there is just happening, like when there’s a deadline at the office or the children are ‘playing up’ at bedtime. It’s our thoughts that create that feeling we call ‘stress’ and when we feel that stress it floods our body with cortisol and other stress hormones… and then we might seek alternative ways, outside of our self, to feel better, like that bottle of Prosecco, a weekend Spa or a fancy holiday but the truth is, these are only temporary solutions.


For the past 4 years I have reshaped my world, training with the best in change work including Dr. Richard Bandler, Co-founder of NLP. As a Licensed Master NLP Practitioner and Hypnotist, my mission is to bring impactful, life changing conversations to people.

I have spent 1000s hours with 100s clients who wanted to change a wide range of issues and I will help, as I have helped them, to uncover your own limiting beliefs and your own potential as you open your mind to new possibilities and the conscious creation of the life you desire.

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