Rebecca Broad – Building A Pyramid

Rebecca Broad – Building A Pyramid

Medication and therapy have been at the base of my wellbeing pyramid my whole adult life, and a little before that, too.  

I won’t use this space to rant about overstretched health services but, instead, to share 3 big parts of my wellbeing pyramid.


On Sundays, I look at my week ahead.  For each day I plan out the basics: what time I’m getting up.  Which client work I’ll work on. What I’m having for lunch. Any meetings.  Trains and buses to catch. How I’m relaxing in the evening – or not, if a deadline is looming.

Not only does planning mean I can stay productive and balanced, but it also means I expend less mental energy on the little things.  This leaves me with more capacity to operate at a higher level.


One of the best parts of being a freelancer is working whenever and wherever I want to!  One of the worst parts of being a freelancer is… working whenever and wherever I want to.  Two sides to every story, right? No one’s telling me to work, but no one’s telling me to stop, either.

Being my own boss means creating boundaries for myself – and I think this is important no matter what your work is.   If you work in a larger organisation, it might be no work emails on the phone; taking a day off after travelling for work; and always going for at least a 10 minute walk at lunchtime.

Extra kindness

I like to ask How can I be more gentle with myself today?  I know I get closer to burnout when I neglect the smallest acts of self-care – things as simple as taking a multivitamin, taking a break for every 25 minutes of work, or taking an extra long shower just because it feels good.    

Each of those sound really basic, to be honest.  But that’s okay. Sometimes the simplest things are the most beneficial.

Are you going to try any new wellbeing practices this year?  Tweet me at @RebeccaComms or email rebecca.broad@outlook – hearing from readers always makes my day!

Written by Rebecca Broad
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