Famous Faces In January Blues Campaign Promoting Mental Health

Famous Faces In January Blues Campaign Promoting Mental Health

January can often bring about a post-festive slump, so throughout the month an Exeter marketing company is sharing stories about mental health and wellbeing from inspiring professionals. 

From England rugby player and Exeter Chiefs team member Alec Hepburn to Polar explorer and world record holder Ann Daniels, well-known people will be among those sharing their personal experiences of mental health issues and their wellbeing tips.  

The campaign is part of Chalk + Ward’s commitment to the Time to Change pledge, which is run by charities Mind and Rethink Mental Illness. Time to Change has been supporting employers to create a more open and understanding culture around mental health problems in the workplace since 2009. 

january blues campaign Alec Hepburn

Chalk + Ward’s managing director Robert Chalk explained:

“We wanted to highlight the Time to Change pledge and the need to talk about mental health more openly. By sharing the personal experiences of well-known people in the community, who don’t have nine to five jobs, we hope to raise awareness of the importance of good mental health in the work place – whether that’s on the playing field or in Antarctica.” 

January Blues participants were asked to answer three questions about mental health to share with the public. When asked how he combats being in a low mood, rugby player Alec Hepburn said: 

“Speaking with close friends and or family helps to prioritise what actually is important. It helps to relieve stress and most of all to provide context, which you can lose when you keep it all inside.” 

Ann Daniels, whose work has seen her lead expeditions to the North and South Poles, shares her top tip for mental wellbeing. She said,

“There is so much pressure from outside forces – and in particular social media – to live a certain lifestyle and to look a certain way, which in many cases is unrealistic. Time to just be yourself in the wonderful world we live in is a great way to improve your wellbeing and remember what’s important to you”

january blues campaign ann daniels arctic exploration

Also taking part in the campaign are: Exeter Chiefs players Dave Dennis and Danny Southworth; mental health campaigner Gill Hayes; international speaker and published author Kitty Yeung Downer; Kevin Betts, director of Run Things, a company that aims to marry the relationship between mental and physical health; Alison Jordan, CEO of Pete’s Dragons suicide bereavement charity; and Lisa Prescott, director at Chalk + Ward. 

To read more January Blues profiles visit www.chalkward.com/january-blues

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