Generation Z: Health Is Wealth

Generation Z: Health Is Wealth

Written by Ashley Carr

Ah, January… The crackers have been pulled, the bad television has been watched, Last Christmas has been heard 1,437 times and the time of resolutions is upon us. The top four most common New Year’s resolutions according to a ComRes poll are all to do with improving one’s physical health, an admirable goal indeed. Worryingly however, only 12% of participants said that “spending more time on personal wellbeing” was one of their resolutions. In this month’s article I will encourage the reader to take the view that a resolution to improve one’s mental health is equally as important as a resolution to improve one’s physical health. I will also share my experiences surrounding mental health, after being the victim of crime.

Around 1 in 4 of us will experience a problem with our mental health in any given year. In April of 2018, I became a part of this statistic. Whilst in London to see a Macklemore concert I was the victim of a very serious crime. Subsequently, I became severely depressed and a shadow of my former self. Fortunately, my GP pointed me in the direction of the Exeter Depression and Anxiety Service (DAS), who started me on a course of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. Without the help of Exeter DAS and my friends and family, I cannot say where I would be today. I can say with certainty however, that I would not be the person I am at the present moment. Grow reader, if you feel like you would benefit from some professional mental health support, I would encourage you to contact Exeter DAS on 01392 675630, or to look them up online.

So now you have made the resolution to look after your personal well-being, what steps can you take to implement this? I would say that connecting is the most vital thing a person can do. I see every minute I spend with my friends as a blessing, and I genuinely cherish the little time we get to spend together. Making new connections is important too; this could be anything from fostering a new friendship right down to simply having a conversation with someone at the checkout.

Another important tool is goal-setting. These can be tailored to the individual’s circumstances, what might be a small goal for ‘person A’ could be a big goal for ‘person B’. The sense of achievement I got when I reached my goals, both big and small, gave me a huge boost and really helped me along in my journey to recovery.

The final tool I would suggest the reader use to promote personal wellbeing is to dedicate more hours to me-time. There are so many things in modern life that seem to require our attention, sometimes it’s required that we just switch off from the world entirely.

Although I am under no illusion it will be hard at times during 2019, my New Year’s resolution is to emulate Grow’s motto, and be “Relentlessly Positive”.

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