Three Sixty Rehab is a unique movement based clinic which serves to alleviate pain and increase physical ability. By using a potent combination of ‘applied’ neurology to enhance brain output, 3D functional biomechanics and advanced soft tissue treatments we provide the most comprehensive treatment and exercise therapy possible.

Since its inception in May 2017, this exclusive private clinic is situated in the heart of Exmouth Marina has quickly built a solid reputation as the go to place for great results mainly because the focus is to target the root cause of the issue rather than solely treat the symptoms. Usually the site of pain isn’t the actual source of the problem. This unique integrated approach allows us to quickly identify the cause of pain or dysfunction and effectively treat for long-term results.

Not exclusively a pain based therapy clinic, Three Sixty Rehab extends into the sports and performance arena by taking full advantage of functional biomechanics to enhance what your body can already achieve. Having a good understanding of human biomechanics allows us to identify any flaws in any movement pattern.

Owner Mark Jones, is a former Royal Navy Physical Trainer with a specialist role in Exercise Rehabilitation.  He has a broad and diverse background in helping get people back to optimal fitness levels following an injury or chronic long term conditions.

To date a number of notable improvements have been reported by runners, golfers and football players alike however, you don’t have to be an athlete to enjoy moving better, simply being able to live your life day to day with a greater sense of ease is available to everyone. So don’t be restricted by pain or plagued by poor performance, try Three Sixty Rehab – you wont regret it!



Pilot Wharf, 8, Pier Head, Exmouth EX8 1XA

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Photo Credit: Matt Madd

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