Emotional Sandwiches; Local Author Sarah Ashley Neal’s Premiere Self-Help Book

Emotional Sandwiches; Local Author Sarah Ashley Neal’s Premiere Self-Help Book

In a time when we are encouraged to look within and search for answers that are supposedly destined to solve our dilemmas, Sarah Ashley Neal invites readers to fearlessly explore their relationships with words and in the process, naturally allow those answers to surface.

The first in a series, Emotional Sandwiches introduces readers to the concept and characters of Sarah’s brand, and in a refreshing and humorous book applies a fictional twist to a non-fiction idea. Considering some of the most influential words in the English language, this book transforms them into stimulating characters that readers will relate to emotionally.

Sarah explains:

“Emotional Sandwiches offers readers an entertaining opportunity to sense check their own levels of self-awareness, while taking a light hearted and laid-back approach about a subject that can sometimes feel too heavy on the heart.

“The book provides a gentle reminder that self-reflection can be fun and doesn’t have to be spoiled with endless analysis.”

While primarily a self-help book, Emotional Sandwiches will appeal to a wide range of readers, from those looking for a new perspective on life to those seeking a charming and entertaining read.

“Although it is no secret that these everyday words can affect us all differently, readers can expect to learn something about the way they communicate, both with themselves and others,” concludes Sarah.

Sarah Ashley Neal trained in holistic therapies and dabbled in business before launching Emotional Sandwiches®. When she isn’t engaging with her entrepreneurial mindset, she is reconciled with a yoga mat to quiet it down. Sarah has spent the last decade working on projects in both the public and private sector.


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