Attention, Attention, Attention!

Attention, Attention, Attention!

“Where focus goes, energy flows.”

As you are reading this article you may not have been aware of your chest rising as you are breathing, or even noticed the temperature of your right hand, you might never, before now, have considered the top of your left ear, but , as I have now brought these into your awareness, they will be in your consciousness.

Some of the work I do with clients is redirecting their attention to where they want to be going as opposed to where they have been. A number of clients that have said they had been anxious or stressed, spent a great deal of time turning their attention around and looking back at situations that have been and gone,  focusing on things they could not change and having spent time ruminating about what they could have and should have done differently. It’s much like taking a wrong turning when driving somewhere you don’t know, It serves no one by dwelling on the mistake.

Imagine pulling over to ask a person for directions, having already made a few wrong turns…  And then spending 10 minutes explaining to that person, how you managed to end up where you are. 🤷🏻‍♂️ Neither of you will gain anything from it. Always keep your attention on what you want and where you are going, this is a metaphor for directing your life focus , not just your car. It is, however, a very human thing to do. We are very much creatures of habit, but that is all it is, a habit.

Retraining and improving the quality of your attention is the starting point of taking personal control. Taking up meditation and practicing mindfulness or seeking assistance from a coach are some of the most effective ways of taking personal responsibility for your own mental health. So if you know someone that spends too much time ruminating and stressing, looking backwards through the rear view mirror, you can help by redirecting their ATTENTION towards the things that light them up and how they want their life to be.

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