The Driftwood Hotel…And Relax!

The Driftwood Hotel…And Relax!

Cast me adrift to The Driftwood Hotel for there I could disappear for a while into sensory heaven.

It’s not often that the sheer beauty of my surroundings renders me almost speechless.  Let’s face it, there are plenty of lovely places in Devon and Cornwall, but the area that surrounds The Driftwood Hotel takes beauty to another breathtaking level.  The boutique 14-room hotel (with an additional rustic cabin for the more adventurous) is set above the azure waters of Gerrans Bay and is surrounded by seven resplendent acres of everything a holiday heart could desire.  

Like wandering down, through the shrubbery, towards the private sandy beach to reveal a haven;  a place to escape the everyday and to rejuvenate the soul. Salt, sea, sand, soothing sounds surround: paradise!

flowers African lilies

Taking a sneaky Sunday breakaway down in Cornwall is something that Llew Nicholls, CCO of Grow and I relish, especially as the drive down from Exeter is so manageable.  Upon arrival, we were struck by the colourful displays of flowers. Hydrangeas, various shades of pinks and purples; beautiful hues stretched across the garden palette, as though blended by nature’s giant paintbrush. Agapanthus, known as African Lilies, swayed in the breeze, reminding me of another place – Africa, where the ‘love flower’ is native. This felt like home.  

The room, neutrally decorated in calming tones, was a sensory oasis which was further enhanced by soft atmospheric background music creating a feeling of well-being.  I felt at peace and could easily have just allowed the giant marshmallow of a bed to engulf me, completely satisfied to go no further than the tastefully decorated room-with-a-view.  That view, though, had us flinging open the windows to lean out and take it all in and at this point, I had to remind myself to breathe. 

And if the stunning surrounds and our glorious room weren’t enough, our evening meal was nothing short of an occasion in its own right.  Who knew that eating could stretch across a whole evening with course after course of gastronomic delight being served? Talk about fine dining. 

 The 4 AA Rosette award-winning restaurant provides a sumptuous dining experience. Excellence is reflected in every aspect of the restaurant, the attention to detail is phenomenal and our dining experience, magnificent.

The chef and staff also take pride in serving only the freshest, locally sourced seasonal ingredients.  Produce such as fresh seafood pulled from Cornish waters and the sumptuous meat reared from roaming cattle. 

Highly trained staff took care of our every need, during the three-course meal, which was interspersed with a selection of amuse-bouche, delectably formed to tickle our palates.   

Each course was a delight.  Every last bite contained flavour balance and texture that was both satisfying to eat, mouth-wateringly flavoursome as well as visually pleasing. 

In fact, the flavour combinations of Llew’s main course almost made a grown man cry!  He had chosen a beef fillet, served medium rare and with a complex balance of flavours and textures that worked together to make it the tastiest food he’s ever eaten.  And Llew loves his food.

The highlight for me: The Boddington strawberry dessert, with elderflower, honeycomb & nasturtium.  As I write this, my mouth is watering; I have no words!  

As our stay drew to a close, we knew that we had experienced something unique and superb and were thrilled to think that such a place exists so close to home.  We’ll be back!

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