Your Company May Have a Vision, but Do You?

Your Company May Have a Vision, but Do You?

“I tell you what I want, what I really, really want”. So, sang the Spice Girls in their debut 1996 hit (I wonder how often they have been quoted in a business context?). I don’t have a clue what ‘zigazig ah’ is but whatever it is, it can’t be doubted that Posh Spice et al knew what they wanted.

Do you?

Have you taken time to seriously consider what you really, really want?

The problem is we get so caught up in the present with work, personal and family commitments that we don’t dedicate enough time to the future until we get there. And when we get there we may find that our lack of planning prevents us from living the life we want.

By having a personal vision of your desired future, you can take the necessary actions now to turn it into a reality.

For example, travel may be important to you, but your current life doesn’t provide sufficient opportunity; you aren’t yet financially independent so are limited to the time your business or your employer allows. Making regular and appropriate financial commitments now will bring forward that point of financial freedom when you can travel on your terms.

The point of a vision is also to prevent short-term distractions deviating you from your path. By knowing what is most important to you, you are less likely to waste money on the things that may look appealing now but are, ultimately, less meaningful to you.

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Andrew Neligan is a Chartered and Certified Financial PlannerTM and owner of Neligan Financial

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