Beevive Need Your Help To Save Our Bees!

Beevive Need Your Help To Save Our Bees!

Grow Talk by Sofy Robertson

Have you ever noticed a bee struggling across your path, having difficulty in taking off? Like my fellow nature conscientious souls out there, I know that the solution for helping a struggling and exhausted bee back to health is sugar water. Unfortunately, it’s not a substance that I, or many out there, readily carry around. All of that is about to change with the invention of the Beevive Bee Reviving Keyring.

Anyone with half an ear to the news will know that our bees are in decline, linked to intensive agriculture and the use of pesticides. As bees are essential to our very existence through their pollination of food crops (a third of all food depends on their pollination), the continued decline of bees promises devastation for food production, and thus our own survival.

It was one ordinary encounter with a struggling bee that inspired Cranbrook couple, Faye and Jake, to create the Beevive Bee Reviving Keyring. The couple explained:

“We were on holiday in Cornwall last year, when we came across a very tired bee sat on a wall.

“We agreed we couldn’t just leave it there and decided to carry it carefully to the closest Café we could find. A waitress provided us with some sugar water solution on a spoon which we fed to the bee before watching it buzz away to its next destination. It was on that day that the idea of Beevive, the bee reviving keyring was born.”

Faye and Jake, who both work full time, invented the Bee Reviving Keyring in their spare time. Beevive contains up to five servings of sugar water solution which can be tapped out of the vial next to the bee to feed it.

Exeter has already shown itself to be a nature conscientious city, with initiatives like the Wild City Project actively supporting insects and their ecosystems in the city. With the Beevive keyring, Faye and Jake hope to take Exeter’s wildlife friendly attitude to the next level.

Before you start Googling, trying to find out where you can purchase your Beevive Bee Reviving Keyring, Faye and Jake’s invention is still in the idea stage and thus the couple have created a crowdfunding campaign to turn their bee-saving idea into a reality.

In addition to considering an easily available and transportable solution for bee saving, the couple have demonstrated that their invention truly has the protection of the environment at its heart. Faye and Jake explain:

“We wanted to create a solution to carrying a sugar water solution with zero plastic, that could be easily refilled at home by the consumer.

“By designing the keyring with the materials that we have, we have totally eliminated plastic from the equation, leaving the whole product completely recyclable and the cork, biodegradable.

“What we have achieved in our design is something you should only ever need to buy once, without the need to send it back for updates or refills.”

Faye and Jake have even thought through the refill process, keeping it simple and cost effective. Refilling the Beevive Bee Revival Keyring is as simple as half filling the vial with sugar and topping up the rest with water, leaving enough room for the cork stopper. The vial then needs to be shaken for 30 seconds before returning it to its aluminium shell.

The couple are keen to spread the word on how best to help a tired bee following the fake David Attenborough Facebook post which went viral last year. The post encouraged readers to leave sugar water outside in their gardens to feed bees. The Facebook post was eventually taken down, but not before it had been shared thousands of times.

Faye and Jake said:

“For the sake and safety of bees, we want to express that feeding a bee sugar water solution should only ever be a last resort. Do not leave bowls of sugar water in your garden and never feed a bee honey. We have invented a bee revival kit, not a bee snack!”

Keen to get Beevive off the ground, so to speak, Faye and Jake see their invention as the beginning of something much bigger. They explained:

“We want to explore the possibilities of how this keyring can be made, what it can be made from, and who it can be made by. What do we mean? Can it be made from bamboo? Can it be made by hand? The opportunities we might be able to create by getting Beevive going are endless, and we are excited to see what the future holds for the keyring, and our product range!”

Faye and Jake hope that their crowdfunding campaign will be a success in order to begin production of the Beevive Bee Reviving Keyring. Looking ahead to the prospect of selling their invention, the couple are hoping to donate profits to support the work of a bee related charity for the first six months of sales before expanding the scope of charities thereafter.

So if you’re buzzing about this innovative and simple solution to looking after our bees, fly on over to the crowdfunding page now (sorry, couldn’t resist!)

Photo by Mikael Kristenson on Unsplash

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