Lightfoot Launches Breathe Exeter

Lightfoot Launches Breathe Exeter

A cleaner, greener Exeter by the end of 2019

Semper fidelis – always loyal – that famous motto emblazoned on our coat of arms.

Those words have a special resonance amongst the community in Exeter. Ask any Exonian to name their favourite place in the world and they’ll give you a wry smile, point to the red earth beneath their feet and not say a word.

We all have our reasons for being here, with our own landmarks and memories dotted around the city. Whether you’ve been here since the day you were born or moved here later in life, we all share this wonderful place we call home and an appreciation for the unique experience of life in Exeter.

The city has changed dramatically in the last few years, and a great deal more in the decades before that. Exeter has grown, attracting new businesses and new families, and its infrastructure has grown with it.

As proud as we are to see the city blossom so rapidly, this growth hasn’t been entirely without its problems. The city’s roads are busier than ever and the impact on its environment cannot be ignored.

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Air pollution is a growing concern for towns and cities across the UK and Exeter will get no special dispensation, for all its magic and majesty. Pollution hotspots are popping up across the country and if we aren’t proactive as a community, Exeter could join that list.

Open any newspaper or log in to any social media and you will see new research linking emissions to all manner of health issues. Air pollution is one of the major crises of our time. For the sake of our health and our city’s health, we need to do everything we can to keep Exeter’s air clean.

But how do we do it? Air pollution at a city-wide scale can seem insurmountable – too large and too developed for individuals to address or affect.

But not in Exeter. This place is special.

Those businesses and organisations that have helped the city grow at such a pace aren’t rapacious multinationals, they’re honest companies filled with local people who care about their city and want to make a difference.

So, today, we are delighted to launch a new initiative funded, supported, and led by a number of those local businesses with a simple goal – a cleaner, greener Exeter by the end of 2019.

Breathe Exeter is a community initiative focused on encouraging small behavioural changes we can all make that, en masse, will become greater than the sum of their parts.

To reduce air pollution in the city, Breathe Exeter will be promoting and utilising Exeter-made technology, innovation, and community spirit. The businesses supporting the initiative will be investing their own money into making the project as accessible and valuable as possible for everyone.

Initially, we want to focus on our driving behaviour. Exeter is uniquely positioned to address this matter, as our city is home to government-backed driver behaviour experts, Lightfoot.

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After years spent helping drivers maximise efficiency from their vehicles, Lightfoot has perfected its technology to help drivers of all vehicles and driving styles reduce their environmental impact. In the last year alone, drivers using Lightfoot prevented 3,666 tonnes of both CO2 and NOx from entering the atmosphere.

The first stage of the Breathe Exeter plan is to establish the widespread adoption of Lightfoot’s in-car technology amongst motorists in the Exeter area.

It is estimated that if even 10% of car and van drivers in Exeter (roughly 5,500 people) fitted Lightfoot in their vehicles, we would remove 550 tonnes of pollutants from our city’s air. That’s heavier than 80 elephants!

The adoption of Lightfoot wouldn’t just be to the benefit of our environment. Those 10% of drivers would save an estimated £850,000 (roughly £160 per driver) in fuel costs within a year.

“Exeter can be a global leader in the fight against air pollution. We love our city – it’s the envy of the UK – and we all care about protecting it now and for future generations.”

“The magic is… We can. By pulling together and having a significant proportion of the population make simple but impactful changes, Exeter can become the first case study that proves a community that cares can make a difference.”

“This is why Lightfoot is investing half a million pounds into Breathe Exeter. We want everyone to take part, so that money will go straight to subsidising Lightfoot devices, providing more prizes and perks than ever, and engaging with our community in new and exciting ways.”

– Mark Roberts, CEO of Lightfoot

We have a council, conscientious leaders, and a community of businesses that care.

Now, we need to mobilise citizens that care.

Breathe Exeter will allow anyone and everyone to make an immediate difference. No more powerlessness, no waiting for grand strategies to trickle down from Westminster. Together, we can turn Exeter into the first global example of community activism making a meaningful difference to the local environment.

Let’s channel that infamous loyalty, that ever-faithfulness to our city, into a change that will be felt for generations to come!

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Learn more about Breathe Exeter in the April edition of Grow Exeter or get ahead by visiting and buying your subsidised device now.

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  1. K

    Sorry if I’m cynical, but this seems like a rather in-depth marketing ploy by Lightfoot to get Exeter citizens to buy it’s product? There’s no mention of other schemes or what other businesses may be doing to reduce air pollution in Exeter. The Lightfoot technology itself is based on people becoming better drivers rather reducing emissions itself. It also costs £149, so the average person would only save £10, not £160, by installing it. May be what we need but this report makes it sound like a product advert rather an a community initiative.

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